Dr. Anne Katz
Assistant Professor
Teens for Literacy Faculty Advisor

University Hall  273

Dr. John Hobe
Department Head
Childhood and Exceptional
Student Education
University Hall 267

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The Teens for Literacy program positions students to inspire their peers and their communities regarding the importance of literacy.  The program also encourages students to consider college as an option after high school graduation.  Armstrong State University and schools within Savannah-Chatham County serve as educational partners in implementing the program.


To achieve this mission, the program:

Program Elements

The following are key elements of Teens for Literacy at each participating school site:

Partnering schools designate a staff or faculty liaison to manage a student leadership team, facilitate implementation of literacy activities, and to communicate resource needs to Armstrong.

Partnering schools select students who exhibit leadership capabilities to represent their student body as the Teens for Literacy student leadership team.  This team meets regularly to generate and implement ideas for promoting literacy within their schools and within their communities.

The partner liaison creates a suite of activities for the students and school to execute within the school or community based on the student leadership team ideas.  Armstrong supports faculty and students in the implementation of these activities.

Each spring, the student leadership team from each partnering school visits Armstrong to participate in the Shadowing Day event.  This event exposes students to the “college experience.”  During this event, students participate in a campus tour, visit a college course, interact with Armstrong students, and participate in a luncheon to celebrate their achievements as literacy leaders.