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LiveText is an electronic assessment and management system chosen by Armstrong for the collection of performance assessment data for all Educator Preparation Program candidates. The LiveText system is used to aggregate performance data, generate reports, and in some cases manage electronic portfolios including both numerical data and electronic artifacts. Recent state and national accreditation requirements for academic programs now make the use of this type of electronic management and reporting system necessary for standards-based accountability purposes at all levels.

LiveText allows students and faculty to create, share, and collaborate on educational curriculum. With LiveText's digital workspace, you can author unlimited customized projects – assignments, journals, evaluations, artifact collection, standard integration, and extensive e-Portfolios – and prepare, submit, manage, and log the hours associated with your fieldwork, clinical practice, or internship experiences. Collaborate with professors, mentors, supervisors, and your peers, and receive the feedback you need to continuously improve academically and professionally. 

LiveText Requirement - Field Experience Module

The Educator Preparation Program requires all Armstrong pre-education students to establish a LiveText account and candidates to maintain their account in order to be retained within a program. Candidates purchase this account as they would a textbook or other material for a course.  To purchase LiveText, visit and purchase the ‘Field Experience Membership Edition’. Membership purchases can also be made at the bookstore; however, it is recommended that you purchase your account online.

This is a one-time purchase fee and is good for five years of use. Renewal rates to extend services after LiveText membership expiration are available for one, two, and three-year periods.

* Accounts can be transferred to/from other institutions (domains).

Account Registration

When you register it is important that you select to be associated with the “Armstrong State University” domain and include your full legal name (must match enrollment records), Armstrong (907) numeric student ID number, Armstrong e-mail address (primary), and date of birth.

It is recommended that you make your user name consistent with your Armstrong email user name. You may select any password you want, but please don't forget it!

If your account is not properly associated with the Armstrong domain, you will not be able to view your courses, complete any inquiries, or submit any assessments.

Membership Term

The initial membership term covers the length of your program plus one year in the field (typical, based on continuous enrollment).

Name Changes

If for any reason your name changes, e.g. marriage, please contact LiveText to update your account user information. If not updated, this could prevent you from viewing your courses and assessments.

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