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Department of Childhood and
Exceptional Student Education
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Bachelor of Science in Special Education
with Highly-Qualified Concentration in History

Area F - Related Courses (18 Hours)
EDUC 2110 Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education 3
EDUC 2120 Exploring Socio-cultural Perspectives in Diversity in Education Contexts 3
EDUC 2130 Exploring Learning and Teaching 3
CEUG 2100 Introduction to Students with Disabilities 3
SPED 2001 The Field of Special Education: Past and Future 3
CEUG 3012 Language Acquisition 3

Major & Related Field Courses (36 Hours)
SPED 5010U   Technology for the Special Educator 3
SPED 5130U   Assessment in Special Education 3
SPED 5231U   Teaching Reading and Disabilities 3
SPED 5232U   Teaching Mathematics and Disabilities 3
SPED 4004 Curriculum and Instructional Strategies in the Content Areas 3
SPED 4005 Strategies for Developing Social Skills and Behavioral Controls 3
SPED 5400U   Transition Planning 3
SPED 4740 Internship I:Directed Field Based Research 3
SPED 4750 Internship II 12
Physical Education 3

Program Related Courses
MATH 2200 Elementary Statistics                                         3
FYSX1100 First-Year Seminar 1

Core Requirements (42 Hours)
Area A                                                                                 9
Area B 5
Area C 6
Area D 10
Area E 12

Area of Concentration: History (21 Hours)
HIST1112 World Civilization II 3
HIST2111 History of America to 1865 3
HIST2112 History of America since 1865 3
HIST3100 Latin America to 1850 or HIST3110 Latin America since 1850 3
HIST3150 History of Africa to 1800 or HIST3160 History of Africa since 1800 3
HIST3360 Modern East Central Europe or HIST3230 History of the Middle East 3
HIST3710 Colonial and Revolutionary America or HIST3750 Civil War Reconstruction 3

Total Sementer Hours for Program of Study:             124


Candidates must have and maintain 2.5 GPA or better (non-rounded) throughout the program.