Childhood & Exceptional Student Education


Department of Childhood and
Exceptional Student Education

University Hall 269

Courses & Requirements
Master of Education (M. Ed.) in Special Education

Professional Core
FOUN7060 Education Research 3

Specialized Content
EEXE7507 Characteristics of Students/Young adults with Multiple and Severe Disabilities 3
EEXE7508* Strategies for Teaching Children With Multiple/Severe Disabilities 3
EEXE7512 Augm. and Alt. Comm. for Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities 3
EEXE7020 Methods and Strategies for teaching students with Autism 3

EEXE7319 Career Development and Transition                               3
EEXE7320 Vocational Assessment of Special Education Students 3
EEXE7321* Interagency Planning and Service for Transition to Adulthood 3
EEXE7322* Community Based Instruction 3

Capstone Courses
EEXE7510 Assistive Technology for Students with Physical and Sensory Disabilities 3
EEXE7071* Research Project 3

Total:             33 hours

* Indicates a pre or co-requsite course is required.