Childhood & Exceptional Student Education

Greg Dziuban
Graduate Admissions Coordinator

University Hall 271

Course Rotation Schedule
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Special Education
(Initial Certification)


Starting Program in the Fall
Term Courses
Fall 1 SPED5010G, EDUC6000
Spring 1 EEXE6025, EEXE6027
Summer 1 SPED5400G, EEXE6029
Fall 2 SPED5130G, FOUN6745
Spring 2 SPED5231G, SPED 5232G
Summer 2 None
Fall 3 EEXE6750 (Graduate Internship)
Term Courses

Starting Program in the Summer
Summer 1 EEXE6025, EEXE6027
Fall 1 SPED5010G, SPED5130G
Spring 1 SPED5231G, SPED 5232G
Summer 2 EDUC6000, EEXE6029
Fall 2 SPED5400G, FOUN6745
Spring 2 EEXE6750 (Graduate Internship)