Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah Georgia

Childhood and Exceptional Student Education


Childhood & Exceptional Student Education


Course Rotation Schedule
Master of Education (M. Ed.) in Early Childhood Education

Professional Education Core Courses (12 credit hours)
  Fall Spring Summer
ECEG7070: Teaching Cross Cultural Communication (3) X   X
ECEG7090: Early Childhood Curriculum and Methods (3) X    
ECEG7010: Advanced Methods in Early Childhood Science (3)     X
ECEG7050: Advanced Methods in Mathematics (3)   X  
RDEN7185: Teaching Writers and Writing (3)     X
ECEG7060: Multimedia Approach to Children's Literature and Writing X X  
ECEG7310: Field-Based Research X X  



  Fall Spring Summer
Support Couses (9 Credit Hours)
RDEN7070 - Understanding Readers and the Reading Process RE I (3) X   X
RDEN 7071 - Linking Literacy Assessment to Instructin RE II (3) X    
RDEN7072 - Instructional Strategies in the Content Areas RE III (3)   X  



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