Childhood & Exceptional Student Education


Department of Childhood and
Exceptional Student Education

University Hall 269
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Course Rotation Schedule
Bachelor of Science (BSED) in Special Education


    Fall Spring Summer
Sample Course Rotation Schedule
CEUG2100 Introduction to Students with Disabilities   X X
SPED2001 The Field of Special Education: Past and Future   X  
CEUG3012 Language Acquisition*   X X
SPED5010U Technology for the Special Educator X    
SPED5130U Assessment in Special Education X    
SPED5231U Teaching Reading and Disabilities   X  
SPED5232U Teaching Mathematics and Disabilities   X  
SPED4004 Curriculum/Instructional Strategies in the Content Areas   X  
SPED4005 Strategies for Dev. Social Skills and Behav.Controls   X  
SPED5400U Transition Planning X    
SPED4740 Internship I: Directed Field Based Research X X  
SPED4750 Internship II X X  

Additional Courses
  Fall Spring Summer
MATH2200 Elementary Statistics X    
Highly Qualified Courses X X X