Childhood & Exceptional Student Education

Mr. Greg Dziuban
Graduate Admissions Coordinator

University Hall 271

Program Overview
Master of Education (M. Ed.) in Early Childhood Education

Program Overview

The Master of Education degree is designed for individuals who hold or are eligible for a clear, renewable teaching certificate in an approved field (such as Early Childhood Education) and wish to pursue advanced study in that field. The Master of Education in Early Childhood Education is designed to prepare a master teacher who can address the academic, social and emotional development of students in pre-school through grade five.

Program Outcomes

The program of study will develop candidates who:

  • know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to their P-5 students.
  • are committed to all P-5 students and their learning.
  • are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.
  • systematically reflect about their practice and learn from the experience.
  • are members of a learning community.

Courses & Requirements

Format: Online

Your program of study is 10 fully online courses totally 30 semester hours. Completing this program furthers your career by completing a Master of Education program that upgrades your teaching certificate to a higher pay level.


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