Secondary, Adult & Physical Education


Greg Dziuban
Graduate Admissions Coordinator

University Hall 271

Courses & Requirements

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) in Secondary Education
Initial Certification in English, History, Mathematics, or Science

The program of study consists of 10 required courses totaling 30 semester hours.  

A. Foundations (11 hours)

EDUC6000 Professional Orientation to Teaching 3-0-3
EDUC6100 Technology Theories and Applications for Teachers 2-0-2
EDUC6200 Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment 3-0-3
EDUC6300 Educating Students with Disabilities in General Education Classroom 3-0-3

B. Specialized Courses (15 hours)

SCED6100 Understanding the Nature and Needs of Adolescent Learner 3-0-3
SCED6330 Planning Instruction and Assessments for Diverse Learners 3-0-3
SCED6400 Classroom Management 3-V-3
SCED6500 Instructional Approaches to Reading and Writing across the Curriculum 3-0-3

Select one (1) of the following four content methods courses:

MGSE5300G Content Methods in Secondary English and Language Arts         3-V-3
MGSE5600G Content Methods in Secondary Mathematics 3-V-3
MGSE5400G Content Methods in Secondary History and Social Sciences 3-V-3
MGSE5500G Content Methods in Secondary Science 3-V-3

C. Clinical Experience (4 hours)

SCED6750 Teaching Internship                                                        0-V-4

TOTAL                                     30 hours


A full-time, semester-long, field-based graduate internship (student teaching) is under the tutelage of a university supervisor.  This internship cannot begin until all other required courses have been completed. Most courses are offered face-to-face at night and some courses are available online.  Not all courses are offered every semester.  For example, the internship is offered only during the fall and spring semesters and during the day – when schools are in session.  

All requirements for program completion are listed in the Armstrong Graduate Catalog.