Secondary, Adult & Physical Education


Department of Secondary, Adult,
& Physical Education

University Hall 201
Fax: 912.344.3496

Courses & Requirements
Bachelor of Science (B.S.Ed.) in Recreation and Coaching


Area A - Essential Skills (9 hours)
ENGL1101 or ENGL1101H Engl Comp I 3
ENGL1102 or ENGL1102H Engl Comp II 3
Choose one of the following:   
MATH1001, MATH1111, MATH113, MATH1161 or MATH1161H

Area B - Institutional Options (5 hours)
Ethics & Values: Choose one of the following:
CHEM2600, CRJU2020, ENGL2000, ETHC2000, GWST2101,
HIST2000, HONS2100, PHIL2030, POLS1200
Global Perspectives: Choose one of the following:
ANTH1150, CHEM2200, CRJU2010, ECON1150, ENGL2050, EURO 2000,
GEOG1100, GEOG2120, GRMN1001, GRMN1002, GWST2200, HIST 1111,
HIST1112 or HIST1112H, HIST2100, HLPR2010, HONS2000, POLS1150,
POLS2290, PSYC2300, RELI2100, SPAN1002

Area C - Humanities & Fine Arts (6 hours)
One course selected from:
ENGL2100, ENGL2100H, FREN2001, FREN2002, GRMN2001, GRMN2002,
PHIL2010, PHIL2030, SPAN2001, SPAN2002
One course selected from:
ARTS1100 ARTS/MUSC1270, ARTS2710, ARTS 2720, MUSC1100,
THEA1100, THEA 1200 THEA 2410

Area D - Science, Math, & Technology (10 hours)
approved Core Area D courses only  
A laboratory science:  ______________________________ 4
A lab or non-lab science: ____________________________ 3
A math, science or technology course: _________________ 3

Area E - Social Sciences (12 hours)
HIST/POLS1100 or HIST1100H 3
One course selected from:   HIST1111, HIST1111H, HIST1112 or HIST1112H 3
One course selected from:   ANTH 1102, ECON2105, ECON2106,
PSYC1101, PSYC1101H,  or SOCI1101
One course selected from:
AFAS2000, ANTH1102, ECON2105, ECON2106, GEOG2120, GWST1101,
HIST1111, HIST 1112, HIST1112H, HIST 2111 HIST2112, POLS2100,
PSYC1101, PSYC1101H, SOCI1101

Area F - Relates Courses (18 hours)
EDUC2110 Invest. Crit/Contemp. Issues 3
EDUC2120 Expl.Socio/Cult. Persp. 3
ECON2106 Principles of Microeconomics 3
PEHM2100 Athletic Health: Prevention Recognition and Care of Injuries 3
PEHM2500 Foundations 3
PSYC2950  Lifespan Development Psychology 3

Major & Related Field Courses (60 hours)
EDUC3300   Educating Stud. w/Disabilities 3
PEEC3010   Intramurals and Rec. Programs 3
PEHM3100  Outdoor Lifetime Activities 2
PEEC3180   Officiating Team Sports 2
PEHM3000  Current Health Issues 3
PEHM3090  Basic Games, Dance & Phys Act’s 3
PEHM3200  Motor Development & Learning 3
PEHM3283  Kinesiology 3
PEHM3300  Techniques in Team Sports 3
PEHM3500  Physiology of Exercise 2
PEHM3700  Individual & Dual Sports 3
PEHM4000  Fitness Theory & Assessment 2
PEHM4090  Health Education Topics 3
PEHM4100  Adaptive Physical Education 2
PEHM4333  Principles of Coaching 3
ECON3220  Management 3
Choose two of the following courses:
PEEC3120 Coaching Football
PEEC3130 Coaching Basketball
PEEC3140 Coaching Baseball
PEEC3150  Coaching Volleyball/Soccer
Free Elective in the Major: _________________________ 2

Internships (12 hours)
PEHM4900  Internship
All coursework must be completed prior to taking PEHM4900

First Year Seminar
Physical Education (Beyond 120 semester hour requirement) 3
TOTAL HOURS: 121 hours

Other requirements contained in Armstrong catalog.


Documents in PDF
where indicated