Secondary, Adult & Physical Education


Greg Dziuban
Graduate Admissions Coordinator

University Hall 271

Course Rotation Schedule
Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)
in Secondary Education with Initial Certification

NOTE: While courses in this program are offered in the evening, some courses require day time field experiences in the public school system.

Program Rotation of Classes
Course Summer Fall Spring
EDUC6000 (3) X X X
EDUC6100 (2) X X X
EDUC6200 (3) X X X
EDUC6300 (3) X X X
SCED6100 (3) X X X
MGSE5300 (3) FE50   X  
MGSE5400 (3) FE50     X
MGSE5500 (3) FE50   X  
MGSE5600 (3) FE50     X
SCED6100 (3) FE30 X X X
SCED6330   X X
SCED6400 (3)+  FE50   X X
SCED6500 (3)   X X
SCED6750   X X

+ Course completion requires a Disposition Assessment
FE Course completion requires field experience hours