Reserve a Space

Reservations will be made through the R25 Calendar and Reservation system.  Only faculty and staff may reserve space through the R25.  Students wishing to use space in the Student Union for class related projects must have their professor request the space.  Student organizations wishing to use the Student Union for meetings and events must have their faculty or staff advisor request the space.


Please review any relevant Student Union policies before requesting to reserve a space.

How to Reserve a Space

To access the R25 Reservation System online click the yellow "Reserve A Space" on the right side of this page. 

Once you arrive on the R25 page click "My Requests at the top of the screen.  Login using your AD login uername and password.

Complete the entire form so the Student Union staff can have as many details as possible to better serve you.

Event Information

  • Event name and Event Title will be the same.
  • Select the type of event you believe best serves the purpose of your event.
  • Select the sponsoring organization.  If your group is a student organization, leave "unspecified" marked and list the student organization name in the comments section at the bottom

Date & Time

  • Select the start date and time and end date and time.  Most of the time the date will be the same for both start and end.
  • If your event does not repeat, leave "none" selected under the repeat category.  Only repeat meetings and events if you know they will repeat.

Space Preference

  • To choose a location in the Student Union make sure the radio button is selected on "Specific Space".  From the drop down menu, select the space in the Student Union you would like to reserve.  All spaces in the Student Union begin with SSC or MCC.  To view additional details about the Student Union spaces please check out the facilities available in the Student Union.


  • Please list any other details or information regarding your event that you would like for the Student Union Staff to know about your event

Once you have completely filled out the form select "Next".  On the Event Request Summary page please review the information you are submitting on your request.  From this point you can submit your request if all information is correct by clicking "Submit Request" or go back and making changes by selecting "Make Changes". 

Once you have submitted your request, it is sent for approval.  Remember that because a request is made does not mean the request has been approved.  To check the status of your request at the top of the screen by clicking "My Request".  On this page you will be able to see the status of your request(s).  You will also receive an e-mail once the reservation has been approved or denied.

If your request is approved you will then be contacted by someone from the Student Union who will further discuss your event.

For questions regarding space in the Student Union contact Macy Bragg at


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