The Staff Advisory Council at Armstrong State University represents staff employees by involving the staff in the decision making process of the university, thus promoting a positive and collaborative work environment. Our mission is to advance the exchange of information, provide a common voice for staff ideas and concerns, and maintain a communication link between staff members and university administration.

The Council does not serve as a substitute for the university's formal grievance procedure.


Responsibilities of the Council

  • Establish a sense of identity, recognition, and worth of each staff member in his/her relationship to the University
  • Serve as a representative advisory council, identify concerns related to staff, and seek solutions
  • Act as an advocate for the University staff by bringing their concerns to the attention of the appropriate body and following through to resolution
  • Provide a channel for communication of interests, concerns, and issues that affect staff
  • Identify and recommend the need for development and/or modification of University policies directly affecting staff members
  • Suggest and promote activities that provide employees the opportunity to build informal relationships, thus aiding improved communication among staff and faculty members
  • Integrate the staff into existing University affairs
  • Create a stronger bond among the staff through promoting and supporting appropriate University initiatives