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  • The Proposal for Staff Mentor and Development Programs submitted to the President in the previous year was revised, to include more specifics in certain areas.  An Opinion and Interest Survey was distributed to staff members, with the goal of identifying what staff members needed.   The most popular subjects were wellness, information on benefits, effective communication skills, assessment, and budget basics.  Suggested leaders were recommended.  Sessions would be held on Fridays and would be considered professional development, with no penalty on work hours for attending.
  • 55 boxes of donated items, including supplies and small tokens of appreciation, were sent to soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran as part of Operation Armstrong Cares, the Spring Community Project.
  • A staff-only email list was created, to be used for announcements, updates and elections.
  • $553 was collected by the book sale during Celebrate, sixteen recipients were awarded Staff Textbook Scholarships.
  • Policies for the Textbook Scholarship were established to keep a minimum of $250 in the account at all times and to codify how distributions would be made (40% for fall, 40% for spring, 20% for summer).
  • Improvements were made to the electoral process, to make it more efficient and understandable.  Policies were established for replacing outgoing members with incoming members, and voting procedures were established for vacancies.  Electronic balloting was introduced.
  • Descriptions of the standing committees were documented so that all staff members can understand the purpose of the various committees.


Leona Avey
Academic Affairs Representative
Languages, Literature, & Philosophy

Carlita Cartereona
Business/Financial Services Representative

Ameila Castilian-Moore
Student Affairs Representative
Student Affairs

Brian Dawsey, Vice Chair
Academic Affairs Representative

Scott Gilreath, Chair
Academic Affairs Representative
Computer & Information Services
Linda Hansen
External Affairs Representative
Center for Justice Administration

Fern Illidge, Secretary
Business/Financial Services Representative
Human Resources

Chris McCarthy
Academic Affairs Representative
School of Computing

Peggy Witherow
President's Staff Representative
President's Office

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