Spaces & Policies


Classrooms and Lecture Halls

Over 50 classrooms and 8 lecture halls with AV equipment for use on campus. Contact Megan Humphries @ or 912-344-2894.

The Student Union

State-of-the-art new Student Union center with plenty of unique and equipped spaces with "green" technology. Visit the Student Union website for details on this impressive building. Contact Macy Bragg @ or 912-344-2879.

Fine Arts Auditorium

Fine Arts Hall is home to Armstrong’s art and music programs. Our music department holds the majority of its performances in the acoustically pristine 980-seat concert auditorium, equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment. Contact Megan Humphries @ or 912-344-2894

Athletics Facilities

Armstrong's Athletic Complex has numerous fully-equipped facilities. Get specifics on all of the spaces on the Armstrong Athletics Facilities page. Contact Megan Humphries @ or 912-344-2894

The Armstrong Center

From an intimate classroom for continuing education to a palatial ballroom for an unforgettable event, The Armstrong Center accommodates your unique needs beautifully. Visit the Armstrong Center website for details on all of the spaces that are available to you. Contact Krysti Favorite @ or 912-344-2953.

Outdoor Venues

The International Garden, Residential Plaza and Compass Plaza are wonderful places to hold an event and take advantage of Armstrong's beautiful arboretum campus. Contact Megan Humphries @ or 912-344-2894


The primary function of Armstrong State University facilities is to further the educational, cultural, recreational and athletic objectives of Armstrong’s students, faculty, staff and administration.

Facilities are available for use by university entities, student organizations, non-university groups or any individual. The university reserves the right to deny uses of facilities by any requester and shall be the sole judge in making the determination.

In addition to the policies set forth here, student organizations shall comply with applicable policies and procedures governing such organizations.

Subject to this policy, university facilities are available for events that do not duplicate or compete with university educational activities or which are not for profit or commercial purposes.

The university will neither allow nor deny use of facilities where the effect of allowing or denying use would be to discriminate or permit discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, creed, age, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.

University police personnel shall have the authority to stop an event at any time if it is determined that the event cannot proceed safely. Users requesting security for a specific purpose will be charged for such services. Security will be required for non-university groups or individuals or at the university’s discretion.

Facility users are subject to all federal, state, city and/or county rules, regulations, ordinances and statutes applicable to the university.

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