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Procedure for Reserving Facilities

Any and all requests to reserve university facilities should contact Reservation & Conference Services at The Armstrong Center at 912.344.2894, or via the R25 WebViewer.

Reservation & Conference Services encourages early scheduling of events. However, a priority system for scheduling has been established, and is described in the section, "Priority for Reserving Facilities."

Using R25 Webviewer to Request an Event Space

  1. Click the "Login to R25 Webviewer" button in the right column
  2. Select the date of your event in the calendar at right to review other events taking place on campus on that day.
  3. Click "My Requests" in the menu at the top of the page to access the "User Logon" screen.
  4. Sign in with your Port ID and password.
  5. Fill in the "Request an Event" form with as much information as possible. Additional information on individual fields is provided below.


Required Information

The following information must be provided to reserve a facility:

  • Type of group—university, student organization, non-university group or other individual;
  • Date of event;
  • Purpose/type of event, in complete detail;
  • Time—access to facility, doors open to public, event begins, event ends, out of facility;
  • Facility requested; and
  • Special services request
  • Non-university group or individual must provide current contact information to include address and phone number


Additional Information

  • All users, except university departments, must request use of lecture halls and classrooms at least two weeks in advance and use of all other facilities three weeks in advance.
  • Non-registered student organizations, non-university groups or other individuals requesting the use of grounds or facilities which have a capacity of more than 250 persons, must procure and have in force during the event a comprehensive general liability policy and shall submit to the university proof thereof. The limit for bodily injury and property damage shall not be less than $1,000,000.00 per occurrence. 
  • No such event by a non-university entity will include the serving of alcohol. No exceptions will be made.
  • Any and all catering requests for an event taking place at any university facility must contact Armstrong Catering at
  • All users of university facilities wishing to sell and/or give away non-commercial wrapped food items or items taken out of commercial wrap, must obtain special permission from Armstrong Catering and/or the Vice President of Business and Finance.
  • All users of university facilities wishing to sell and/or give away merchandise must inform same office of intent. All requests are subject to approval by the Vice President of Student Affairs.

After it has been determined that a facility is available, and after all related documentation is complete and appropriate fees paid, a confirmation and signed contract if required will be issued. A facility is not reserved until a confirmation form is received.  The confirmation form may be required as proof of reservation at the time the facility is occupied.

Facilities may be held for reservation for one month by university entities or student organizations and for two calendar weeks by non-university groups or other individuals. After such time, the date will be released without further notice to the requestor.

Priority for Reserving Facilities

Priorities for the use of campus facilities are in the following order:

  1. Regularly scheduled academic courses
  2. University entities’ activities such as rehearsals, performances, alumni and endowment association events, Division of Continuing Education Courses, development seminars and international programs.
  3. Student organizations and users receiving full sponsorship by the university
  4. Non-university groups or other individuals

To maintain these priorities, the following scheduling procedures are adopted:

  • Lecture and auditoria rooms and other facilities used by academic classes may not be reserved for use until the schedule of classes during the semester in which the event is to occur, has been confirmed.
  • Fine Arts Auditorium may not be reserved beyond six months in which the event is to occur. Reservation & Conference Servicesmay grant special exceptions to this policy with concurrence of the Art, Music and Theater Department.
  • Non-university groups or other individuals may not reserve Jenkins Theater. Conference Services may grant special exceptions to this policy with concurrence of the Theater Group.

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