R25 Webviewer Hints & Help


Using R25 Webviewer to Request an Event Space

  1. Click the "Login to R25 Webviewer" button in the right column
  2. Select the date of your event in the calendar at right to review other events taking place on campus on that day.
  3. Click "My Requests" in the menu at the top of the page to access the "User Logon" screen.
  4. Sign in with your Port user name and password.
  5. Fill in the "Request an Event" form with as much information as possible. Additional information on individual fields is provided below.

Event Name

It is good to give your event a name that will be recognized for what it is (ex. “Meeting” is not a good name, “International Education Meeting” is much better).

Event Title

This is a more descriptive title for your Event Name (ex. Event Name – International Education Meeting” and Event Title – “Discussion with Dr. Bradley”). The Event Title could also be the same as the Event Name.

Event Type

Pick the type that best describes your event (meeting, seminar, lecture, study group, etc.)

Sponsoring Organization

Pick the Sponsoring Organization that is holding this event. If your organization is not listed in the drop-down list, please put your organization’s name in the comment section of the request form.

Expected Head Count

It is very important that this number be as accurate as possible. This number will help the Conference Coordinator with finding a location that will best suit your group if you have not specified a location.

Repeating Dates

For repeating dates of an event, use the No Particular Pattern, Daily or Weekly section. All repeating dates must be for the same scheduled time. If you have multiple meeting times and dates that you need, enter the 1st date and time needed, then in the Comment section of the form, put all other dates and times you would like.

Space Preference

you must move the Radio Button to the box that you are using. If your space is not in the drop-down box, type it in the Other box and move the radio button to that box. If you need multiple rooms, list all of your dates, times and rooms needed in the Comment section of the form.


This section is viewed only by the conference coordinator. These comments are to assist with the booking procedure. Some things to add to this box might be:

  • Additional rooms needed – list them out
  • Random times and dates are needed for the event, in addition to they one you are submitting.
  • Questions for the conference coordinator
  • If you will need catering, extra tables or chairs, AV assistance, parking passes, etc.
  • If you need additional time for setup/breakdown for your event
  • Any other information that will assist with the reservation process


This section is viewed by everyone that has access to the Webviewer. This is a great spot to let the public know more details about your event. Some things to add to this box might be:

  • Description of your event
  • Admission price, ticket information, who to contact about more information on your event.

Other Helpful Hints

If you need to move a regular classroom location of an academic class that is associated with a CRN#, that request should be made to Faculty Services by the department office.
If the request is for a non-academic event or for temporary use of an additional space (such as a club meeting, needing a projector room for one day, a computer lab for a test, etc), that request should be made by the faculty member or the department office using the R25 Webviewer.
To schedule an event or an addition to a scheduled academic class, contact:  
Macy Bragg
Conference Coordinator

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