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Adding and Dropping Courses

The ACADEMIC CALENDAR for each term defines the dates that students may register and make schedule changes. Students may add and drop courses without penalty during the drop/add period via the Register tab in the Port of Armstrong.
 Special Note:  If a student drops either the core or the seminar class within the First Class learning community, they must also drop the paired core/seminar class.

Adding courses

  • Before students may register, students must be advised and must clear any and all registration holds. Students may view holds, by logging into the Port of Armstrong and by clicking on the Register tab - View Holds.
  • Adding/Registering for a course obligates the student to attend and signifies the assumption of definitive financial obligations between the student and the university.
  • Use the ADD FORM only if an override is needed to register for the course. If an override is not needed, register for the course online through SHIP. If you are trying to add a class after the drop/add period, request a Late Add form from the Registrar’s Office, front desk in the Victor Hall Lobby.

Dropping courses

  • “Dropping” a course during the drop/add period will not appear on your academic transcript, will not have academic credit, and will not be charged to your account.
  • Use the DROP NOTICE only if you need assistance dropping a course (have a registration hold). Otherwise, dropping a course should be done online through SHIP.

Withdrawing from a course

  • “Withdrawing” from a course should only be done after being advised by an academic advisor, instructor of the course, and financial aid counselors. Withdrawal from a course is different than WITHDRAWAL FROM THE UNIVERSITY.
    • Withdrawing from a course after the drop/add period requires students to obtain a course withdrawal form from Enrollment Services, get all required signatures, and return the course withdrawal form to Enrollment Services.
    • Withdrawing from a course (for the first time) after the drop/add period and before the mid-term will receive a W or WF at the instructor's discretion. Withdrawing from a course after the mid-term will receive a WF in the course.
    • Withdrawing from a course will not result in a refund of tuition and fees.
    • Withdrawing from a course may have eligibility or financial consequences. Student-athletes and students receiving financial aid or military benefits must obtain approval from those offices before a withdrawal will be processed.
    • Withdrawn courses (W) do not count in GPA but will still count in attempted hours. Financial Aid recipients should check their “SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS" before withdrawing from a course.
    • Use the COURSE WITHDRAWAL FORM if you are withdrawing from a course after the drop/ad period.
  • Withdrawing from a course more than once
    • Effective Fall 2012, withdrawing from a course from the second attempt and any subsequent attempts will result in an automatic "withdraw failure" ("WF"). Note: Transfer work graded as W/WF will not count.
  • Withdrawing while in the First Class Learning Community
    • Withdrawing from either the core or the seminar class within the First Class learning community, requires withdrawal from the paired core/seminar class.
  • Withdrawing while in Learning Support
    • Students enrolled in both credit and a required learning support course may not withdraw from the learning support course unless they also withdraw from credit courses.
    • If a student is enrolled in two or more learning support courses and withdraws from one learning support course, the student may remain enrolled in other learning support courses and in credit courses.
    • If an instructor drops a student from the only learning support course or from all learning support courses at any time during the semester, the student will be withdrawn from all other credit courses.

Other contacts

  • Contact THE BURSAR'S OFFICE with questions about how dropping and adding classes may affect tuition and fees.
  • Contact THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE with questions about how dropping and adding classes may affect financial aid.

Course Add Form
Course Drop/Delete Form
Course Withdrawal Form