Recreation & Wellness

Student Recreation Center Building Policies

  • Date Issued: May 10, 2013
  • Applies To: SRC Users; Students, Faculty & Staff
  • Responsible Person: Director of Recreation & Wellness is responsible for maintenance of this policy, and for responding to questions posed regarding this policy.
  • Purpose / Rationale: A set of policies to define appropriate actions of users in the Student Recreation Center.

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) is available for the use of SRC Members and their guests only. Use of the SRC is conditioned on the rules contained in this policy.

1. SRC Membership

  • All current Armstrong students who have paid a recreation fee are SRC members.
  • Current Armstrong students who have not paid a recreation fee (such as students who are enrolled only in online courses or students enrolled only in classes offered at the Armstrong Liberty Center) may become SRC Members by paying a Membership Fee.
  • Current Armstrong employees (including faculty and staff, full-time and part-time) and Armstrong retirees may become SRC Members by paying a Membership Fee.
  • Current employees of contractors who maintain a long-term relationship with Armstrong and who work on the Armstrong campus (“Resident Contractors”) may become SRC members by paying a Membership Fee.
  • Current Armstrong empolyees are eligible to purchase Recreation Center memberships for an individual that lives at the same address.  This could be a spouse, partner, room mate, or child over 18.
  • Armstrong Alumni are eligible to purchase Recreation Center memberships if they are an active alumni that have registered through the Alumni Development Office.

2. Membership fee

  • The Membership Fee varies per membership type.
  • SRC Members may pay the Membership Fee –

               (i) in advance, for a term of one semester or one year. Payments are accepted at the Bursar’s Office. The SRC cannot accept cash or checks.              

               (ii) with Pirate Cash, at the SRC.

               (iii) by payroll deduction (full-time faculty and staff only).

  • Membership Fees cannot be prorated for partial semesters, and are non-refundable.

3. Guests

  • SRC Members may invite guests to use the SRC.
  • The SRC Member must purchase a Guest Pass for $5.00 in Pirate Cash at the SRC. The Guest Pass covers one guest, and expires at the close of the day it was paid.
  • The SRC Member must accompany his or guest at all times.
  • An SRC Member may host a maximum of two guests during a single day.
  • Guests must show a photo ID upon entering the SRC.
  • Guests are subject to the same rules that govern SRC Members’ use of the SRC.

4. Use of the SRC

  • The SRC is available for use when it is open and only when there is at least one SRC staff member on duty.
  • No one under the age of 18 years (except for currently enrolled Armstrong students) may use the SRC unless supervised by a parent or guardian.
  • SRC users must wear proper athletic attire. Users who do not wear proper athletic attire will be asked to leave the SRC,
  • No clothing with zippers, rivets, or buttons, including jeans, cargo pants
  • No mesh tops or altered shirts (unless worn with a t-shirt). The entire torso must be covered.
  • Athletic shorts of mid-thigh length or longer.
  • No weightlifting suits or “plastics.”
  • Users must wear closed-toe athletic shoes that cover the entire foot. No open-back shoes, open-toe shoes, sandals, flip-flops or bare feet.
  • No personal training is allowed in the SRC except that which is provided by members of the SRC staff.
  • Users should place personal items in the lockers and cubicles provided. SRC staff members are prohibited from holding or watching users’ personal items. The university and the SRC are not responsible for personal items lost, stolen, or damaged at the SRC.

The following items are prohibited in the SRC –

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Food
  • Chewing gum and candy
  • Tobacco products of any kind
  • Canned soft drinks, and any drinks in non-resealable containers.

5. Safety and courtesy

  • Report any injury or accident to a member of the SRC staff immediately.
  • Report any malfunctioning or damaged equipment to an SRC staff member.
  • If you are not sure how to use a piece of equipment properly, ask a member of the SRC staff for assistance before using it.
  • If you feel pain, discomfort, or dizziness, stop exercising and notify a member of the SRC staff.
  • Clean or wipe down equipment after you have used it, using the supplies provided.
  • Users who engage in behavior that is disruptive, that violates university policies, or that interferes with other people’s use of the SRC will be asked to leave.
  • Do not place your hands, feet, any part of your body, or any object against the mirrors.
  • Photography is not permitted in the SRC without written permission from both the Department of Recreation & Wellness and the individual.