Fire Prevention Training

Armstrong State University Police Department is committed to the safety and security to the residents, students, and employees that are present on our campus. In March 2010, the University Police acquired a Bullex Digital Safety system to conduct fire prevention training. This system uses water and laser extinguishers to train residents and employees on how put out a small fire. Training can be conducted either inside or outside. This fire extinguisher training is safer, more economical, and greener as compared to previous training media. Classes are available throughout the year for residents of the university and local communities.

One new aspect of fire safety is the program 'Cooking with Cops'. This program allows the University Police Department to refresh residents' basic safety practices while using a kitchen. The class is approximately 90 minutes in length and allows the students to participate in fire safety, with the capstone of using the Bullex Extinguisher System. The class is concluded with a baked treat prepared during the training session by the University Police Department.

For any questions or to register for a class, contact your respective Housing Professional Staff or the University Police Department.