Does the University operate a police department or a security department?

The University has a full-service police department authorized by the Georgia Legislature and certified by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. The Officers meet the same training and certification standards as state, municipal and county police officers. They are armed and have the power of arrest and they enforce University regulations and state laws, including criminal and traffic laws. The officers have jurisdiction on any University System of Georgia campus. The Armstrong police officers are also sworn Chatham County Deputies and have authority throughout Chatham County for University purposes.

If my vehicle battery dies and I need a jumpstart. Can I get help from the University?

The University Police have portable jumpstart batteries and will attempt to jumpstart a vehicle in such cases.

If I am on campus late at night, can I get an escort to my car?

Anyone that is uncomfortable walking on campus after dark can call for an escort by dialing 912-344-3333.

Are alcohol beverages permitted on campus?

Armstrong University is an alcohol free campus including residence halls and apartments.

Are firearms and other dangerous weapons permitted on campus?

Only certified law enforcement officers are permitted to possess firearms on campus. Students and staff are prohibited by law from carrying or possessing firearms or dangerous ordnance on University property. This includes replica firearms, paintball guns, bb and pellet guns, airsoft guns, swords, large knives, fireworks, martial arts weapons, and components used to make explosive devices.

If I have a bicycle on campus, should it be registered?

All bicycles should be registered with the University Police. This is a free service. All bicycles should be locked when unattended. We recommend the heavy duty U-locks rather than the cheap cable/combination locks that are easily defeated. Bicycles should be parked at one of the bicycle racks and not attached to light poles or other objects. Bicycles left unattended outside residential areas of the campus for more than 48 hours may be removed by the University and disposed of in accordance with University policy.

I have a scooter, can I park it anywhere?

Scooters under 50cc are not vehicles under Georgia Code; however, the University does not permit their operation on sidewalks or on landscaped areas.

Can I register my laptop with the police?

Laptops, televisions, and other valuables can be registered with the police. In addition, you should take pictures of all valuables and store the pictures in a safe place, such as with your family.

If I have more questions, who do I contact?

To contact someone right now, call 912.344.3333 or email police@armstrong.edu