Communications & Records

Rebecca Rhinehart
Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC)

Communications Officers

Jamie Natal
Sharon DuRant
Joyce Polk
Allison Tyler
Michele Prather
Josh Carr


Student Assistants - Parking Enforcement

J. Linton-Elvis
C. Newberry


What We Do


The University Police is linked by computer to the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC), and the National Crime Information Center via the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System. The Computerized files provide access/information to vehicle, boat and aircraft registration, driver license/history, stolen/recovered vehicles and parts, wanted/ missing person files, stolen guns, articles, securities and criminal history records. All dispatchers are certified terminal operators in accordance with the Rules of the GCIC Council.


The Records Unit receives, maintains and disseminates criminal offense reports and statistics in compliance with the FBI's Uniform Crime Report (UCR) rules and regulations. The University Police submit a monthly UCR to the FBI through the Georgia Crime Information Center. Statistics pertaining to Part I Criminal Offenses reported and the number of arrests for drug, weapon and liquor law violations are compiled annually and made a part of this website.

Student Assistants - Parking Enforcement

Student workers are an invaluable asset to the police department.  They work with the patrol division by providing vehicle jumps and other motorist assistance.  They also assist police officers by enforcing parking regulations on campus.

As communication officer assistants, student employees work with the university community and the public with parking and visitor needs. 

Many of our student workers are dedicated employees of the university that stay with us through their graduation from Armstrong.