Office of Online and Blended Learning

Logging into Collaborate for Participants/Attendees

For PC/Mac

  1.  Click on link to Collaborate session you have received, enter your name and click Log In.
  2. Your internet browser will prompt you to open Collaborate using Java. Select the Open with option which should automatically choose Java to open Collaborate. Click OK.
  3. Your computer will then prompt you to run Collaborate. For PC users, click Run. For Mac users, click Allow.
  4. *Select the appropriate connection speed from the drop-down list and click OK.
  5. Once you are connected, click on Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard so you can run the audio wizard and confirm that your audio settings for your computer are correct such that you are able to clearly hear the speaker(s) of the session.

Important: You will need to have speakers on your computer/laptop so you can hear the presenter(s). If you have a microphone for your computer/laptop, you can use it to ask questions or to provide responses by clicking the Talk button. If you have a webcam, click the Talk button and the Video Button to enable the webcam display option.

For iPhone/iPad

  1. To install Collaborate from your iPhone/iPad, access the App Store and run a search for “Blackboard Collaborate.”
  2. Download the Collaborate App to your iPhone/iPad and when finished downloading, open the Collaborate App.
  3. Paste the appropriate link to your Collaborate Session under “Blackboard Collaborate Session URL:” and provide your name under “Enter your name:.” Click Join Session.
  4. Test the audio settings on the iPhone/iPad by pressing the microphone icon at the top of the screen. The microphone symbol will turn from a solid white to a transparent color, indicating that the device is picking up the voice of the speaker and transmitting it through the device.

Note 1: When you receive an email invitation to attend an upcoming Collaborate event, just click on the link in the invitation from your iPhone/iPad and it will take you to the Collaborate session.

Note 2: There are certain restrictions on what you can do in the Collaborate App. For example, the current version of the Blackboard Collaborate App only supports audio communication and messaging chat but NOT video streaming or having the presenter navigate the web.

For Android

The current version of the Collaborate App does not support Android devices. Updates will be provided

*It is recommended that you have an internet speed of 56K or above. You can join the event through a wireless connection, however it is recommended that your computer/laptop is plugged in to an Ethernet connection (this corresponds to the LAN or Cable/DSL options under the list of connections) so that you will have the most optimal connection speed.

Collaborate Video Tutorial