Office of Online and Blended Learning

Logging into Collaborate for Guest Speakers

For PC/Mac

  1. Click on link to Collaborate session that you have been provided as a Guest Speaker, enter your name and click Log In.

    Note: The Guest link provides you with moderator privileges which is different from the invitation link that the attendees receive. You must use the Guest link for the Collaborate session

    Important: You will need to have speakers on your computer/laptop so you can hear the presenter(s). If you have a microphone for your computer/laptop, you can use it to ask questions or to provide responses by clicking the Talk button. If you have a webcam, click the Talk button and the Video button to enable the webcam display option.

  2. Your internet browser will prompt you to open Collaborate using Java. Select the Open with option which should automatically choose Java to open Collaborate. Click OK.
  3. Your computer will then prompt you to run Collaborate. For PC users, click Run. For Mac users, click Allow.
  4. *Select the appropriate connection speed from the drop-down list and click OK.
  5. Once you are connected, click on the LOAD CONTENT button to load your PowerPoint presentation into Collaborate. When prompted, select Import Presentation with to load your PowerPoint.
  6. When the PowerPoint is finished loading, you will see a long rectangular box with all of your slides. You can close this by clicking the X on the top right corner of the box. On the top right of the Collaborate room, you will see two arrows next to a drop list that read Public Page that will allow you to advance your slides.

    Note: If the two arrows don’t show up, you can reload the PowerPoint presentation.

  7. Click on the Talk button on the top left of the Collaborate room to speak using a microphone. A blue mic will appear next to your name when your Talk button is enabled

    To turn the mic off, simply click the Talk button again.

    Note: Echo cancellation is a newly added feature that enables multiple individuals to have their mics enabled at the same time. However, if you hear an echo while you are presenting, you can ask attendees to turn off their mics during the presentation and then to use the Hand Raising option to ask questions. Attendees will then enable their mics when they ask a question or have a comment(s) to share.

  8. You can also click on the Video button if you have a built-in web camera or external camera. The Video button doesn't include the mic so if you want your audience to see and hear you, then you need to click on both the Talk button and the Video button. Just like the Talk button, you can click the Video button a second time to turn off the webcam.

*It is recommended that you have an internet speed of 56K or above. You can join the event through a wireless connection, however it is recommended that your computer/laptop is plugged in to an Ethernet connection (this corresponds to the LAN or Cable/DSL options under the list of connections) so that you will have the most optimal connection speed.

Collaborate Video Tutorial