Office of Online and Blended Learning

eLearning Faculty Status

eLearning Faculty Status (eLFS) is the highest level of online teaching professional development awarded to Armstrong faculty. It has previously been awarded to Armstrong faculty through the Teaching Fellowship program and, in the future, will be awarded to faculty who successfully complete the following three certifications:

  1. Online Teaching Certification (required to teach online courses at Armstrong)
  2. Peer Reviewer Certification (required to review online courses at Armstrong)
  3. Course Developer Certification (required to develop online courses at Armstrong)

The curriculum of each course is built on the previous course and further develops online technological and pedagogical knowledge and skill. There is no charge to faculty or departments for any of the courses or workshops required for eLearning Faculty Status. The following sections explain the course goals and requirements for each certificate in greater detail.

Online Teaching Status


  • Part-time or full-time employment by Armstrong
  • A valid Armstrong e-mail address and web site Port access.

Status Description
Online Teaching Status (OTS) is a foundational course earned by successfully completing of of the following:

  • prior learning assessment demonstrating the ability to apply online instructional pedagogy and tools.
  • successful completion of any of the following Armstrong professional development courses:
  1. Online Teaching Boot Camp
  2. Teaching Fellowship Program
  3. eLFS Course
  4. Online Teaching Course
  5. Quality Matters Teaching Online: An Introduction to Online Delivery

Faculty who are not planning on teaching fully online classes do not need OTS certification. When this situation changes, the faculty member or his or her department head or program chair should contact OBL to reserve space in the next available OTS course. To request training for Online Teaching status, use the OBL Professional Development RSVP Form.

Online Peer Reviewer Status


  • Full-time employment by Armstrong
  • Online Teaching Status (OTS).

Status Description
Peer Reviewer Status (PRS) is a certificate earned by successfully completing the two-week online “Applying ht eQuality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) workshop followed by the QM Peer Reviewer Course . Faculty earning PRS will be qualified to participate on the Armstrong Online Course Review process, earning payments for the review of Armstrong’s online courses using the Quality Matters (QM) rubric. Faculty reviewing courses will also gain greater familiarity with the teaching practices of peers inside and outside of their own subject area (itself a professional development opportunity.)

To earn PRS, contact the office of Online & Blended Learning at to confirm you are eligible to participate in these workshops without any cost to yourself.

Online Course Developer Status


  • Full-time employment by Armstrong
  • Online Teaching Status (OTS)
  • Peer Review Status (PRS)
  • Assignment to develop a fully online course for Armstrong

Faculty earning Online Course Developer Status will be qualified to develop fully and partially online courses for programs and departments at Armstrong. Status is awarded with successful completion of any of the following:

  • personally developing an online course that has successfully passed QM peer review
  • successful completion of the 2012 or 2013 Teaching Fellowship Program
  • successful completion of the QM “Designing Your Own Course” workshop.

To earn CDS, contact the office of Online & Blended Learning at to confirm you are eligible to (or need to) participate in the DYOC workshop without any cost to yourself.