Chris Corrigan, Vice President for Business and Finance
Becky Smith, Executive Assistant to the Vice President
Cam Reagin, Assistant Vice President for Finance
Jessica Henderson, Controller for Foundations
Marc Mascolo, Director of Budget and Financial Analysis

Business Operations and Financial Services
Special Projects Assistant  (Vacant)
Maurena Grant, Controller
Lou Woroch, Assistant Controller
Jackie King, Accounts Payable Manager
Allison Carthon, Accounts Payable
Sybil Kirkland, Accounts Payable
Vicki Martin, Senior Accountant
Laquite Aderonmu, Staff Accountant
Geri M. Kilmer, Grants Accountant
Mercedes Mackelprang, Foundation Staff Accountant

Sissy Zirpolo, Payroll Manager
Shannon Reddick, Payroll Accountant

Bursar's Office
Jessica Weaver, Interim Bursar
Assistant Bursar (Vacant)
Joyce Brown, Cashier
Shannon White, Collections Coordinator
Christy Prince, Accountant, Third Party

Daphne Burch, Procurement Manager
Debra Bittner, Procurement Assistant

Auxiliary Services
(Vacant), Director of Auxiliary Services
Owen Ellis Sandt, Manager, Central Receiving
Phyllis S. Blalock, Mailroom Manager
Tyrene Jones, Mailroom Technician
Allison Beard, Mailroom Clerk
John DeLorme, Mailroom Clerk
Ronnie Rushing, Copy Center Technician
Greg Surrett, Associate Director
Anne-Marie Creech, Card Services Technician
Diana Anderson, Director, Road Scholar

Human Resources
Jacqueline Stepherson, Interim Director
Anna Grizzard, Human Resources Assistant I
Willette Stevens, Human Resources Specialist
Carol Lightle, Human Resources Records & Compliance
Brandi Vaudrin, Human Resources Coordinator

Facilities Services
Katie Twining, Director
Chris Paul, Administrative Coordinator
Construction Project Manager (Vacant)
Tim Stillwell, Maintenance Supervisor
Philip I. Schretter, Grounds Supervisor
David E. Roberts, Environmental Services & Compliance
Randy Wargula, CMMS Coordinator
Henry Williams, Evening Supervisor
Reggie Cooper, Day Foreman
Marcus Green, Maintenance
Laqusha Andrews, Maintenance
Hugh Justice, Locksmith
Brian Simpson, Maintenance
Mark Alderman, Housing Supervisor
Brian Carter,  3rd Shift Maintenance
Chester Wilson, Maintenance
Jenka Thomas, Maintenance
Joseph Stevens, Housing Maintenance
Richard Bender, Housing Maintenance
Kyle Brown, Athletic Fields Maintenance
Bernard MacDougall, Carpenter
Rick Mitchell, Electrician
Janice Nease, Grounds
Donna Rigdon, Grounds
Mike Carr, Grounds Supervisor
Andrew Neidlinger, Irrigation
Simon Driggers, Grounds
Kendrick Anthony, Housing Grounds
Danuta Campbell, Grounds
Seth Jackson, Grounds
Grounds (Vacant)
Robert Murphy, Housing Maintenance
Walter Pollard, Grounds Mechanic
Attila Szekes, Custodial Services Manager (Sodexo)
Michelle Miehle, Administrative Assistant, Custodial Services (Sodexo)

Lisa Sweany, Director of Athletics
Jennifer Rushton, Associate Athletic Director, Compliance
Harold Watson, Assistant Athletic Director, Marketing & Promotions
Adam Tom, Assistant Athletic Director, Game & Facility Operations
Chad Jackson, Director of Sports Communication
Donald Anderson, Compliance & Student Services Consultant
Calvain Culberson, Head Baseball Coach
Brian English, Assistant Baseball Coach
Evans Davis, Head Men's Basketball Coach
Jeremy Mayweather, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Michael Butler, Head Men's & Women's Golf Coach
Aaron Elrod, Assistant Men's & Women's Golf Coach
Sean McCaffrey, Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach
Guilherme Jasmin, Assistant Men's and Women's Tennis Coach
Ted Evans, Head Softball Coach
Fala Bullock, Head Women's Basketball Coach
CJ Pace, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Eric Faulconer, Head Women's Soccer Coach
Kayley Ralton, Assistant Soccer Coach
Will Condon, Head Volleyball Coach
Michael Sergi, Head Men's Cross Country Coach

University Police
Wayne Willcox, Chief of Police/Director, Cyber Security Research Institute
Vacant, Patrol Division/Cyber Forensics Division
Lt. John Taylor, Professional Development/Cyber Forensics Division
Sgt. Meagan Zike, Patrol Division/Cyber Forensics Division
Sgt. Justin Cruce, Patrol Division/Cyber Forensics Division
Kelly Dulong, Patrol Division
Rudolph Smith, Patrol Division
Scott Mosier, Patrol Division
Michael Tyler, Patrol Division
Logan Woods, Patrol Division
Christion Gaskins, Patrol Division
Tiffany Land, Patrol Division
Yasmin Holmes, Patrol Division
Keith Jeffries, Patrol Division
Tanya Stewart, Patrol Division
Frank Cosgrove, Communications Officer
Sharon DuRant, Communications Officer
Joyce Polk, Communications Officer
Allison Tyler, Communications Officer
Michele Prather, Communications Officer
Edward Davy, Communications Officer
Autumn Taylor, Administrative Assistant
Theresa Davis, Special Projects Coordinator
Rebecca Rhinehart, Communications and Parking Services Coordinator


Organizational Chart