Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah Georgia.


Armstrong Branding

We are pleased to present a preview of the new Armstrong marketing campaign. The goal of the new campaign is to provide a single concept around which the university can distinguish itself and become more memorable to its many constituents.

The theme, Start Strong, captures the essence of Armstrong, with several core elements that work in tandem to define our students’ Armstrong experience:

  • A focus on Armstrong’s strong teaching and solid academic reputation
  • Emphasis on student success: the fact that Armstrong puts students of any age, at any time of life, on the pathway to college completion and a successful career
  • A tone and an attitude that are proud, confident
  • Continued references to our unique geographic learning environment in Savannah and on the coast

You will see Start Strong messaging and student testimonials throughout our recruiting materials and on the Armstrong website, all of which work together to unify the Armstrong brand. The Why Armstrong section of our website has a compilation of the messages driving our communications.

The Office of Marketing and Communications will help to apply these new concepts to all of your departmental marketing materials. The Armstrong Style Guide pdf will provide all the details about use of the new work.

Feedback related to the new concepts from focus groups was extremely favorable.  Please feel free to share your comments at

Armstrong Style Guide pdf

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