Student Mail

Incoming Mail

Incoming mail is picked up from the US Post Office daily, and is sorted and delivered to the designated mailboxes in each residential building Monday through Friday.

Outgoing Mail

Mail can be dropped in outgoing mailboxes located at the following residential buildings:
  • Compass Point
  • University Terrace I
  • University Crossings
  • Windward Commons
  • Campus Mailroom

Receiving A Package

When a package for a residential student is received by the mailroom, the student will receive an email through their Armstrong student email account. When the packages are delivered (by UPS, FedEx, or the USPS) the mailroom staff will scan the tracking number on the package using a hand computer Intellitrak System scanner. If the package does not have a tracking number, the Intellitrak scanner will create a package ID number. Only the recipient (the person to whom the package is addressed) can pick up the package(s), providing a valid photo ID.

Change of Address

Residential students can stop by the campus mailroom to fill out a change of address form or can provide the change of address by email to

The following information should be provided to the mailroom:

  • first name
  • middle name
  • last name
  • 907 number
  • old mailing address
  • new mailing address


Residential students can send and receive faxes from the campus mailroom.


New Postal Rates - effective Jan 2013