Study Abroad Director Forms


Checklist for Study Abroad Directors

Review the Crisis Management Document. Print this form and share with each faculty member participating with you. Each faculty member going on the trip needs to sign one document and return to Jim Anderson. You must keep copy for yourself and for other faculty members while on the trip.

Provide the Office of International Education with the following documents at least two weeks prior to your departure date. You should also take copies of this information with you in case of an emergency.

Program and Director Information

Student information

Note: Also pass out the Alcohol Policy either before or at the beginning of the program overseas.

Before departure, obtain the following from the OIE

  • The packet of emergency contact wallet cards
  • CISI insurance cards for all participants from the OIE

Upon Arrival at Destination


Downloads (PDF)image
Alcohol Policy
Good Practices for Health and Safety
Medical Information Form
New Study Abroad Program Approval
Program and Director Information
Risk Management Document
Study Abroad Re-Approval
Syllabus Requirements

Downloads (Word)
Student Waiver of Liability
Study Abroad Class Request
Cash Advance Supliment Form (See Jim or Kristin for Instructions)

Downloads (Excel)
Insurance Enrollment
Passport Information
udget Update
Final Budget