Otto von Guerick University, Magdeburg, Germany

The Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg has a distinctive profile. It aims to create a lean and sharply defined structure with its main focus of expertise in the traditional areas of engineering, the natural sciences and medicine. It also views economics and management as well as the arts and social sciences as essential disciplines for a modern university in the information age.

On-campus accommodation:

If in need of on-campus housing, please apply for accommodation by applying online on the following link which will be automaticly submitted to the campus housing manager Mr. Bock. Beginning of November you can apply for a room in the dormitory.

Courses Available

The course offers of the University (most of them given in German language) can be found in our online campus information system:
OVG has at the end of March 2014 one week intensive German course and the students have the chance during their study in Magdeburg to join the German language course in thelanguage department.

Dates: Fall or Spring Semester
Cost: Armstrong tuition plus$100 fee
Contact: Dr. James Anderson
Phone: 344.3128
Office: Gamble Hall 204A

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