Madrid, Spain

Consider studying during a summer in Madrid, the geographic center of Spain and the historic center of the entire Hispanic world. The city of four million is a modern European hub with state-of-the-art transportation and cyber cafés, but its Old World charm shines through in its long afternoon siestas, its warm and friendly people and its majestic monuments to Spain's glorious past. Students will have the opportunity to visit flamenco clubs, the bullfight, tapas bars and world-class museums, as well as to participate in Madrid's seemingly endless nightlife, as the streets overflow with people having a glass of sangría, talking to neighbors and in general enjoying life in this vibrant city.

Courses Available

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Application due by March 3, 2014
USG Spain website

Dates: July 3— August 8, 2014
Cost: $5,100 plus tuition
Contact: Dr. James Anderson
Phone: 344.3128
Office: Gamble Hall 110
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