Art and Anthropology in Argentina

Experience the rich culture of Buenos Aires, visit museums, historic sites and catch a tango show. Photograph, draw or paint the Andean Northwest with its spectacular geographical features. Stay in the city of Salta, where traditional hospitality blends ancient Inca vestiges with a Spanish colonial legacy. Spend six days on a family ranch, learning traditional Andean crafts and customs, trekking to visit secret lagoons and caves and learning about the indigenous Calchaquí people.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2015

Courses Available

SABR 2960 Argentinean Culture, *may substitute for Core area C.2 Fine Arts or B.2. Global Perspectives
ARTS 4890 Art in Argentina, an art course where students complete artwork about Argentina in the media of their choice.
ARTS 4900 Directed Individual Study
ARTS 1100 Art Appreciation CoreC2

Cost includes: • Round trip airfare: Savannah to Salta * All ground transportation in Argentina

* All hotels * All required field trips * All breakfasts * Health insurance while abroad.

This program focuses on the art and culture of Northwest Argentina. This region is known for its clear blue skies, stunning landscapes, diverse climates and indigenous cultures. Five days will be spent in the Spanish colonial city of Salta, Argentina, a city of 370,000 that feels much smaller. We stay in the downtown area close to the main plaza with easy access to museums, theaters, cafes, and cathedrals. We will be visiting Salta during the Grand Gaucho Parade where 3,000 Gauchos, dressed in traditional red ponchos with black stripes, leather chaps, and black boots ride in from all over the province. Undoubtedly, visiting the city means exploring the numerous cafes, hearing traditional music, and tasting the worldwide known " empanadas”.  Also, students will immerse themselves in the indigenous cultures of the Wichi, Chané and Calchaquí, participating in traditional festivals and learning craft techniques from master artisans. We spend four days on a family ranch, where we take several trekking trips to photograph secret lagoons and caves, and learn about the pre-inca civilizations that once inhabited the area. We visit the some of the best wineries of Argentina in the town of Cafayate.

The final three days of the program are spent in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. We will explore the distinctive neighborhoods of Palermo, la Boca, and Recoleta, visiting major museums and cultural sites including the Plaza de Mayo, Casada Rosada, and  Recoleta Cemetary. Experience all that a vibrant, international city has to offer.

Who Should Apply?

We are looking for participants open to new experiences, willing to immerse themselves in a different culture, and eager to meet new challenges. The art courses will have students of all abilities enrolled and we welcome non-art majors, as well as members of the community. Previous art experience and knowledge of Spanish is not required

Dates: June8-30, 2015
Cost: $3,400 plus tuition

Contact: Rachel Green
Phone: 344.2999
Office: Fine Arts Building 209

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