Armstrong Atlantic University Georgia


Housing & Residence Life


Policies and Forms

Please read the following information carefully.  As a community member, it is your responsibility to be familiar with policies, guidelines, forms, and waivers associated with residential living while staying in campus housing. Refer to your signed housing contract for details.

Policies & Guidelines

Residential Student Handbook [278KB]
Your handbook for all things Housing and Residence Life.
Housing Break Request111KB]
Your rules for academic breaks closures. There is an additional charge associated with all academic break stays. Indicate your intention to remain in the residence hall on your housing application prior to the break. 
Resident Hurricane Evacuation Information [ 502KB]
Your evacuation information in the event of a hurricane. 
Event Reservation Rules [ 69KB]
Housing and Residence Life's rules to use our guest facilities.
Publicity Posting Guidelines for the Residence Halls
Your guide for posting marketing materials in any of the residence halls. 
Copyright, Piracy and File Sharing
Your overview of inappropriate file sharing and piracy. Residents are expected to comply with the University's rules and regulations regarding internet usage. 


Cancellation and Intent to Vacate Form [ 124KB]
Your request to waive your contract charges.
Request for Exemption Form [57KB]
Your request to exempt the First-Year Live-on Requirement.
Room Change Request Form
Your request to move rooms. A roommate agreement must be may prior to Housing honoring any request.


Full Time Enrollment Status Waiver 
Your request to register for less than the required credit hours and still live on campus.