Housing & Residence Life

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Housing Move-In 2013: Armstrong welcomed our new residents during Armstrong's Weekend of Welcome.

Housing Block Party 2013: With food, fun, friends, and neighbors this carnival is sure to relieve stress during any pre-finals week. Schedule your studying around your favorite outdoor game.

Casino Night:  Residents gambled the night away, winning big in an educational environment.

Design Your Destiny:  Residents scrap booked about choosing the right college career path and their college experience thus far. 

What's In Your Cup?: Residents sampled different type of teas and coffees from area the world. 

Battle of the Sexes: Males verses females in the most competition yet. 

Are You Smarter than a Freshman?: Residents tested their knowledge to see who is smarter than a freshman. 

Pumpkin Carving Contest: Windward Commons residents compete for the most creative pumpkin carving. 

Haunted Forest: Housing and Residence Life's most favored tradition. See the zombies first hand! 

Painted Hands for Little Hands: Residents figure painted pictures for the Ronald McDonald House. 

Housing Olympics: Residents compete for gold medal prizes. 

Housing Move-In 2012: Armstrong welcomed our new residents during opening weekend. 

Ping Pong Tournament: Housing staff and residents competed to see who has the best ping pong skills. 

Chalk Message Project: Residence came and supported GLBQT classmates by creating positive messages through sidewalk art!

Talent Show: Residents showing off their talents to Armstrong. 

Pool Tournament: Housing staff and residents compete to see who is the best pool player.