Housing & Residence Life

Facilities and Maintenance

Maintenance Emergency

Any malfunction or damage that could jeopardize the safety of persons or property should be reported immediately to:

Housing and Residence Life: 912.344.2940 (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Contact us after hours (after 5 p.m. weekdays and on the weekends)
912.429.9063 (Apartment Communities)
912.398.4954 (Windward Commons) 

Examples Include:

  • Flooding of any kind (plumbing or rain seepage from outside)
  • Sewage back up or a toilet overflowing
  • Electrical power outages (more than a light bulb) or blown fuses
  • Broken glass from a window or door

Maintenance Non-Emergency

Residents are expected to keep up on routine facilities tasks associated with their everyday living. Upkeep of the residential unit interiors with regard to standard cleaning (including but not limited to removing trash, cleaning of windows and vents, replacement of regular household light bulbs, plunging toilets, cleaning of the bathroom and sweeping floors) are responsibilities of housing residents while living in the unit. 

All other maintenance issues should be reported to Housing and Residence Life. Requests normally are addressed within 48 hours. 

Health and Safety Inspections

Health and Safety Inspections are completed by Resident Assistants twice times a semester to ensure that all residential areas on campus are safe and secure for our residential population. Housing and Residence Life notifies residents of Resident Assistants' scheduled inspections at least 72 hours in advance of inspections. Check your What's Going On Armstrong notification and Housing's Important Dates and Deadlines for exact dates. 

Resident Assistants check all units for the following safety features in the residence halls and apartments:

  • Smoke Detectors Present and Functional 
  • Fire Extinguisher Present and Fully Charged
  • Overloaded Electronic Outlets
  • Heat/Air Unit Thermostat not Damaged
  • Windows, Doors, and Floor are Free and Clear of Obstructions
  • Windows are Locked/ Secured
  • Furniture Clean and in Good Condition
  • Unit free of Unapproved Items (Halogen Lamps, Alcohol, Drugs, Candles, Pets, ect. )
  • Cleanliness/ Trash Removed
  • Resident Assistants are permitted to look inside any university furnished appliance (refrigerator, microwave, stove, dishwasher) and under sinks to check for cleanliness and to ensure that the appliance is functioning normally. They check under sinks to look for leaks.

Residents have 72 hours to correct their failed inspection condition, unless notified otherwise. Failure to correct noted condition(s) will result in a fine. Automatic fines will be assessed for all policy violations found in unit during inspection. Failure to address such policy violations may result in multiple fines. Failure to correct conditions found in unit commons areas will result in all residents of unit being fined. Unapproved items and fine costs are outlined in your Community Living Guide

Room Upkeep 101

  • Always keep your unit door locked, even when you are inside, to promote personal safety.
  • Keep windows locked and secure when not in use.
  • Keep doors, windows, and floors free and clear of obstructions.
  • Create a cleaning schedule of unit, including your bathroom(s), with your roommate(s). 
  • Create a common item purchase plan with your roommate(s). For example, when each roommate will buy toilet paper. 
  • Recycle your reusable goods.
  • Report maintenance issues if/ when anything malfunctions or breaks. 
  • Report if/ when you loose your keys so that Housing and Residence Life can change your locks. To report lost keys call Housing and Residence Life
  • Prepare for Health and Safety Inspections and Housing closures
  • Move all items off the floor in preparation for Pest Control to spray the last week of each month. 
  • Leave unit in a good move-out condition.