Housing & Residence Life

 Freshman Residence Requirements photo

First-Year Residency Policy

Armstrong offers first-year students the opportunity to live in Windward Commons, our state-of-the-art first-year student residence hall. This facility is a 600-bed suite-style residence hall with private, semi-private, single suites. We have designed this facility with residential learning communities because at Armstrong, our belief is that students living on campus tend to earn better grades, graduate at a higher rate, and  finish college sooner than their non-resident counterparts. We also believe that living on campus provides a first-year student with close proximity to services and programs that significantly helps with success in the first year. 

Live-On Policy

Any undergraduate student new to Armstrong with less than 30 earned credit hours is required to live in Armstrong campus housing for an entire academic year. This requirement includes students accepted by the Office of Admissions as a first-time, full-time student (12 credits per semester +) or a transfer student. In general, first year undergraduates will be housed in Windward Commons. First-year undergraduate transfer students may be placed in one of the apartment communities, should Windward Commons be full at the time an assignment is made. All campus residential students regardless of their building placement are required to have a meal plan. First-year residents with less than 30 credit hours earned must have a minimum 14-meal plan.

You may request an exemption to the residence requirement.