Housing & Residence Life

Living-Learning Communities

In a Living-Learning Community, students with similar interests and goals have the opportunity to live together and study together in Windward Commons. Students will apply for a Living-Learning Community on their housing application. Armstrong offers the following living-learning communities:

Benefits available to participants in any of the 8 living-learning are tutoring services located within Windward Commons in the areas of math, courses taught in Windward Commons classrooms, personal success at Armstrong and beyond.

Academic Based Communities

College of Education

The Education Living-Learning Community in Windward Commons is designed especially for students who are interested in becoming teachers or those students who may not want to teach but still want to work with children. Students can be from any of the undergraduate majors in education. The goals for the students who live in this community include:

  • Making friends and colleagues for life (living together is different from just having a class or two together.) 
  • Connecting with faculty mentors. Students in the Education Living-Learning Community have access to a designated advisor and faculty mentors (who also teach classes in the residence hall) as well as a student mentor who is available to help with homework or other academic and “college-negotiating” issues.
  • Experiencing profession-related activities before you begin your major, through Living-Learning Community activities.

ATTACHED ACADEMIC COURSE: EDUC2110 - Investigating Critical & Contemporary Issues in Education.

College of Health Professions

The College of Health Professions Living-Learning Community is designed especially for students planning to   apply to clinical programs such as Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Radiologic Science and Respiratory Therapy or majors in Communication Science & Disorders, Rehabilitation Sciences, or Health Science. Students involved in this learning community will have opportunities to participate in:

  • Seminars of an academic nature and covering basic survival skills designed to foster academic success
  • Possible volunteer opportunities at a local hospital in your area of interest
  • Faculty, staff  and peer mentors with whom you build a relationship and expand your professional network
  • One-on-one academic advisement and career exploration


College of Science and Technology

The Science and Technology Living-Learning Community is designed for students majoring in Biology.

Learn about what various pathways and opportunities are out there in the Biology field - ranging from sea turtle research to preparation for being a medical doctor. Discover what it takes to succeed in the major and how to prepare academically and personally for a rewarding career in the field. Grow key networks of friends, students, faculty members and future colleagues. Get academic support that will help you succeed in these rigorous fields of study. Members of this Learning Community will have the following opportunities:

  • Seminars with an academic focus, covering topics such as studying skills and tips for science courses and time management. 
  • Field trips, excursions, and learning activities with others who have similar interests.
  • Participation in discussions with faculty members to learn about undergraduate research opportunities
  • Faculty, staff and peer mentors with whom you can build relationships and expand your professional network.

ATTACHED ACADEMIC COURSE: BIOL1107/L - Principles of Biology I; BIOL3111 - Research Methods Seminar

Special Interest Communities


The Honors LLC is specifically designed for students who are admitted members of the Honors Program at Armstrong and choose to live together on a floor of Windward Commons. Students in this community will be required to take an honors First Year Experience course combination that includes First Year Seminar and PSYC1101H (Honors Introduction to Psychology). Students must apply and be accepted into the Honors Program in advance of housing placement.

The Honors LLC is unique in that students will be permitted to bring in their own non-honors roommate if they so desire. If a specific roommate request is not made, students in this community will be paired with another honors student in residence.

To learn more about the Honors Program and its requirements, visit honors.armstrong.edu.

ATTACHED ACADEMIC COURSES: FYSS1000 – First Year Seminar – Science and Technology; PSYC1101H – Honors Introduction to Psychology

Gender and Social Justice

The Gender and Social Justice Living-Learning Community is committed to a transformative and collaborative learning experience. We will explore, both in and out of the classroom, issues of gender, social justice, and civic engagement. You will learn critical thinking skills as you engage with the world and learn to see in new, and profound ways, how gender, race, class, and sexuality intersect and interact to form identity. You will learn about civic engagement through on and off-campus opportunities and you will emerge with a deeper understanding of equality, and how to begin working to end social oppression.

ATTACHED ACADEMIC COURSE: GNST1100 - Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies

Learning to Lead

Do you get involved with friends and activities easily? Do you wish you were more able to get involved and have a voice? Are you interested in learning strong leadership practices and giving back to the community? The Learning to Lead Living-Learning community is for experienced and new leaders who want to learn and practices skills that will help make you more effective in whatever you do. The community provides you with opportunities to give back to Armstrong and the Greater Savannah Community.

Participation in this LLC will also help prepare you to find a job on or off campus while you attend school, as well as give you essential networking skills that will benefit you beyond graduation. Begin networking with other future leaders by living on the same floor of Windward Commons and participating in co-curricular activities designed to promote personal, academic and career success.

In the Learning to Lead Living-Learning Community you will:

  • Participate in a twice monthly workshop-style seminar that will explore active approaches to leadership including techniques for effective communication, conflict resolution, and working with others in order to become a more effective team member.
  • Participate in a variety of co-curricular activities such as treasure savannah, house calls, and other activities targeted toward service to the community.
  • During select workshop meetings, leaders from the community will come in to present on different styles and methods of leadership.


Passion, Purpose and Persistence (P3)

This community provides an on-campus living experience where military-affiliated students with similar needs and life experiences can share and support each other in their academic journey. The setting provides you with the opportunity for academic support, career exploration, and integrated social experiences. Members will pursue academic and professional success by developing a joint mindset that values the unique cultures of each military service by providing more opportunities to dialogue, observe, and learn from one another.

This LLC is designed for students who are:

  • Currently active in the military (full or part time)
  • A student veteran
  • A student from a military family
  • An ROTC cadet
  • A student interested in a possible military career

As a member of P3, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Utilize resources for tutoring and academic support
  • Interact and network with military and veteran professionals and alumni
  • Participate in field trips in support of career exploration
  • Interact with faculty outside the classroom
  • Engage with the community through volunteer work
  • Enjoy activities and events with a cohort of peers

ATTACHED ACADEMIC COURSE: MS101/L - Fundamentals of Leadership OR VS101 - Student Success for Veterans