Darby Wiggins

Office: President
Major: Rehabilitation Sciences
Hometown: Columbus, GA
Future Plans: To become an Occupational or Physical Therapist
What I like most about the Honors ProgramThe Honors social events, because I get to meet a lot of fun and interesting students.

Stephanie Miller

Office: Vice-President
Major: Rehabilitation Sciences
Hometown: Columbus, Georgia
Future Plans: To become a Physical Therapist and then earn my certification as an Athletic Trainer.
What I like most about the Honors Program:  Priority registration and the awesome professors! 

Alec Jarboe

Office: Community Service
Major: General Biology
Hometown: Manassas, VA
Future Plans: Travel around the world doing research in the field. Ideally I would love to work with reptiles in the jungle or study sharks on a boat, but I'm open to wherever life takes me.
What I like most about the Honors Program: Early Registration, Free Pizza and the support I received from the group as freshman struggling to keep my GPA up.

KC McGuire 

Office: Communications 
Major: English, Psychology Minor 
Hometown: Newport, CA
Future Plans: Attend graduate school for a Masters in English and a Masters in Arts in Creative Writing, become a college professor of English, write an award winning novel, become editor-and-chief of a book publishing company, and use my retirement fund to create a no-kill shelter Cat Farm in the country-side.
What I like most about the Honors Program: The endless opportunities for educational advancement and personal achievement. The Honors professors are some of the best I've ever had.

Amy Byrne
Office: Social Events Coordinator
Major: Law and Society, English Minor
Hometown: Liverpool, England
Future Plans: To attend Law school and to utilize my education to benefit local communities.
What I like most about the Honors Program: The volunteer opportunities, small class sizes and early registration!