Contracts Manual for Research and Sponsored Programs
Section 1 - Support and Services

1.1 University Mission Statement

Armstrong State University was founded in 1935 as a city college and continues to fulfill an urban mission, teaching a diverse population of traditional and non-traditional students. Please click on the above link to learn more about our mission, vision and values.

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1.2 Description of the Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) was established as a support service for Armstrong State University faculty and staff. As such, this office facilitates the administrative review of sponsored projects and research proposals from the initial planning phase through the award. Post-award activities, fiscal arrangements, and grant implementation are the responsibilities of the researcher or principal investigator and the Business Office. The OSP is available to advise throughout the project period and with final reports.

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1.3 Services provided by the Office of Sponsored Programs

  • The OSP will assist the project director or principal investigator (PI) in the interpretation of policies, regulations, and guidelines applicable to particular projects.
  • The OSP will assist in locating potential sponsors.
  • The OSP will procure any necessary Request for Proposals (RFP’s), guidelines, and application forms as needed by interested faculty.
  • The OSP will maintain contact with sponsoring agencies.
  • The OSP will also advise, at the request of the grant proposal writer, on the preparation of proposals, particularly concerning the standard forms to be completed, compliance and assurance forms, budget, and institutional data.
  • The OSP will discuss program design and development, provide editorial services, review draft proposals and budgets for compliance with college and state regulations and the policies of the funding agency, and provide general advice on strategies which might maximize the effectiveness of the application effort.
  • The OSP will advise the investigator on internal and external review procedures and coordinate the final internal review and signature approval process as expeditiously as possible. It is important that the institution maintain control over all externally funded activities and all proposals are required to follow the procedure for institutional approval before being mailed.
  • The OSP will arrange for delivery of the proposal to the sponsoring agency.
  • The OSP also offers assistance in editing periodic and final reports required by sponsoring agencies.
  • The OSP is the central coordination point for ALL proposals that involve a restricted grant or contract to the university by a sponsoring organization. Unrestricted gifts fall under the purview of the Advancement Office.
  • The OSP will distribute information and guidelines on a variety of programs and will maintain a selected reference library to assist in identifying potential funding sources. The OSP will make information on current grant opportunities and deadlines available electronically on the OSP Web page. Information on programs mentioned in the electronic bulletins will be available from the OSP. The office will also provide funding databases for use by faculty and staff.
  • The OSP will maintain the Grants and Contracts Manual for Research and Sponsored Programs.
  • The OSP will annually prepare a report of post-award activity. This information becomes a permanent record of the university and is reported to the Board of Regents. To assure an accurate description of those funds Armstrong Atlantic State University receives from outside sponsors along with the commitments made by the university, it is necessary that the OSP receives a copy of ALL grant and contract proposals.

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