Graduate Studies

Employment Information for Graduate Assistants

  • Graduate assistants (GA's) work 285 hours per semester in the Fall and Spring, and 245 hours in the summer semester. GA's may not work more than 19 hours per week. The exact schedule is determined by the supervisor.
  • The assistantship begins on the first day of the semester and runs to the last day of finals, unless specific arrangements are made with the hiring department. Departments must specify whether a student is to work over school or semester breaks.
    • Graduate Assistantship Agreement Start and End Dates, 2013-14:
      Academic Year:      August 13, 2013 - May 5, 2014
      Fall Only:                August 12, 2013 - December 10, 2013
      Spring Only:           January 13, 2014 - May 13, 2014
      Summer:                 TBA
    • Graduate Assistantship Agreement Start and End Dates, 2014-15:
      Academic Year:      August 18, 2014 - May 9, 2015
      Fall Only:                August 18, 2014 - December 12, 2014
      Spring Only:           January 12, 2015 - May 9, 2015
      Summer:                TBA
  • GA's are expected to follow the Rules of Conduct delineated in the Armstrong Employee handbook.
  • GA's must remain employed during the entire period stated above to receive the graduate assistant tuition remission. A GA who resigns or is terminated during the semester must repay the institution for tuition costs.
  • GA;s may not have other employment at Armstrong or other University System of Georgia units.
  • Assessments are completed by both the assistant and the supervisor.

Renewal, Resignation, Graduation, and Termination of Appointments

Assistantships are ordinarily assigned on a semester-by-semester or academic year-by-year basis. An appointment remains in effect only if the student maintains good academic standing, makes satisfactory academic progress, and provides satisfactory service. Assistants are eligible for reappointment at the sole discretion of the unit based on past performance of the assistant, availability of funds and the determination of the need for services.

Should a student for any reason leave the assistantship appointment before the end of the contract, he/she may be responsible for paying all tuition for that semester.


Applying for a Graduate Assistantship
Stipend, Tuition and Fees
Health Insurance Requirement