Graduate Studies

Applying for Graduate Assistantship

Departmental supervisors requesting a Graduate Assistant (GA) for their department or program must do so on an annual basis by filling out and submitting the Departmental Graduate Assistant position request form. All requests must be submitted to the Office of the Provost by the priority deadline of October 15. Applications received after that will be considered if funds are available.

Justification should address as many of the listed criteria as possible and should be thorough, detailed, and as compelling as possible. Please attach any supporting documents. All requests are dependent on available funding.

  1. Provides opportunities for enhancing expertise and professionalism within the disciplines (e.g., research protocols, administrative techniques).
  2. Provides evidence of mentoring/supervision of GA, process of evaluation of performance of GA, and process of evaluation of contributions to the student, discipline, or university.
  3. Meets program development needs, including current department needs and future departmental plans.
  4. There is a demonstrated need for faculty research assistance.
  5. There are unique department/office needs requiring the help of a graduate assistant (e.g., conference planning, editorial assistance, data analysis, outside grant assistance).


Stipend, Tuition and Fees
Health Insurance Requirement