What is a Common Read Program?

Common Read programs are increasingly popular at colleges and universities across the country, and they typically revolve around a single text—some fiction or nonfiction book which has been selected by a Common Read committee for everyone on campus to read.

Faculty from each of the university’s four colleges—the College of Education, the College of Health Professions, the College of Liberal Arts, and the College of Science and Technology—will assign the book as required reading for various courses. Other faculty and students will simply read the book because it’s the Common Read text and we all want to be a part of the university conversation.

Throughout the fall semester, Common Read events will provide a range of opportunities for the entire campus—students of all levels, faculty, and staff—to explore various components of the book, to consider the broader issues that it introduces, and to respond in thought-provoking and original ways to this book. These events will open several avenues for discussing the importance of this work, how it marks a specific time in our nation’s history, and how it can lead us to make future decisions more thoughtfully.

A Common Read, then, involves a set of shared experience that brings new and returning students into contact with other students, faculty, and staff. It provides a months-long campus-wide conversation through which every participant can identify important issues, examine our views, and grow together as an academic community.

The entire Armstrong community is encouraged and invited to participate in the program. Contact us to find out how to participate.