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Living-Learning Communities

In a Living-Learning Community, students with similar interests and goals have the opportunity to live together and study together in Windward Commons. Students will apply for a Living-Learning Community on their housing application. Armstrong offers the following living-learning communities:


The Education Living-Learning Community in Windward Commons is designed especially for students who are interested in becoming teachers or in exploring the idea of education as a college major.  The goals for the students who live in this community include:
  • Making friends and colleagues for life (living together is different from just having a class or two together.)  Students who live in a this type of learning community are more likely to stay in contact with the friends they make in this community throughout their lives, both professionally and personally
  • Connecting with faculty mentors.  Students in the Education Living-Learning Community have access to a designated advisor and faculty mentors (who also teach classes in the residence hall) as well as a graduate student, who is available to help with homework or other academic and “college-negotiating” issues.
  • Experiencing profession-related activities before they begin their major, through Living-Learning Community activities.

Students in this Living-Learning Community will enroll in EDUC 2110 - Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education.

INVESTIGATING CRITICAL AND CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN EDUCATION -- EDUC 2110 (MW 9:30-10:45 a.m. in Windward Commons classroom) 


Health Professions

Living-Learning Community for students planning to major in Communication Science & Disorders, Health Sciences, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Radiologic Science, Respiratory Therapy. Students involved in this learning community will be required to participate in:

  • Seminars of an academic nature and covering basic survival skills designed to foster academic success
  • Free tutoring in your residence hall in math, chemistry, biology, English and writing
  • Volunteering at a local hospital in your area of interest
  • Faculty/staff mentors with whom you build a relationship and expand your professional network
  • One-on-one academic advisement and career exploration


Liberal Arts

In the Company of Pirates
The Liberal Arts Living-Learning Community is designed for students with majors in the College of Liberal Arts: Art, Art Education, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Gender and Women's studies, History, Law and Society, Liberal Studies, Music, Music Education, Political Science, Spanish, Spanish Education, Theater, and Visual Arts. Take a leap with us as we learn more about pirate life and the coastal islands of Georgia, where Blackbeard and Caribbean privateers menaced the colonial coast! Students involved in this learning community will:    

  • Enjoy an educational pirate-themed walking tour of downtown Savannah.
  • Enjoy refreshments at the Pirates' House restaurant, located in one of Georgia’s oldest buildings. Legend has it that this site once served as an inn for bloodthirsty buccaneers.
  • Learn about the environmental impact of Georgia’s earliest island residents and discover the wildlife that you’ll find inhabiting the barrier islands.
  • Take a trip to Blackbeard Island to see the place named after Edward Teach, aka "Blackbeard," a pirate who conducted raids on merchant shipping in the region in the early eighteenth century.
  • Read Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and discover the surprising contributions pirates made to political history.
  • Attend book discussions and workshops designed to sharpen your college reading and note-taking skills.

This Living-Learning Community is for students interested in majoring in a discipline within the College of Liberal Arts. 


Science and Technology

The Science and Technology Living-Learning Community is designed for students majoring in the College of Science and Technology: pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-veterinary, pre-physician assistant, Biology, and Chemistry. Learn about what it takes to succeed in those fields and how to prepare academically and personally.

Members of this Learning Community will have the following opportunities:

  • Seminars with an academic focus, covering topics such as basic survival skills and adjusting to college life
  • Tutoring in the residence hall in Math, Chemistry, Biology, English, and Writing
  • Speakers in various medical fields to discuss their careers and how they got there
  • Faculty/staff mentors with whom you build a relationship and expand your professional network
  • Fun, social and learning activities with others who have similar interests


Honors Program

The Honors Program Living-Learning Community has been set aside for honors students who are ready to meet college life head-on.

The Honors Program offers talented and motivated students the chance to take advanced and smaller classes. Students will be encouraged to creatively apply their intellectual curiosity to independent projects or special classes in their majors. Eligibility for the Honors Program Living-Learning Community sections will be determined by the Director of the Honors Program, based on program eligibility requirements as outlined on the Honors Program web site.


Learning to Lead

Do you get involved with friends and in activities easily?  Do you wish you were more able to get involved and have a voice?  Are you interested in learning strong leadership practices as well as giving back to the community?  The Learning to Lead Living Learning Community (LLC) is for both experienced and new leaders who want to learn and practice skills that will help make them more effective in whatever they do. It also provides you with a great opportunity to give back to Armstrong and Greater Savannah community.

Whether you have been a leader in high school or you want to expand your interests into new areas at college, the Learning to Lead LLC will help you:

  • Form and articulate short and long term leadership and service goals in support of your status as a student and the greater community
  • Explore concepts of leadership and service that will help you both at college and in the "real world"
  • Learn from the past leadership experiences of folks within the university and beyond

In the Learning to Lead LLC you will:

  • Participate in a weekly workshop style seminar that will explore:
    • An active approach to leadership in which students learn and practice valuable life-lessons
    • Students' values and styles of communication, conflict resolution, and working with others in order to help them become more effective
    • Students' leadership skills and styles, and engage in group projects to further their own skills
    • Opportunities to put learned skills to work by participating in projects within the community
  • Participate in a variety of co-curricular opportunities such as Treasure Savannah, House Calls, and other activities targeted toward service to community and peer mentorship.
  • Meet leaders within the school as well as the Savannah community to gain insights on what it takes to be a great leader.




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