Past Recipients and Project Final Reports 


Teaching and Learning Grants 2014-2015

Tracie Ness, Biology
"Laboratory to Illustrate the Principles of Antibody Structure and Function", $2,000

Ho Phi Huynh, Psychology
"Understanding Student Veterans who are Psychology Majors", $1,887

Keri Mans, Biology
"Modeling Biology: Active and Tactile Learning in Supplemental Instruction", $1,750

Nancy Tille-Victorica, Spanish
"Literature for Social Changes in Latin America: An Interactive Visit with Chilean Writer and Feminist Activist, Pia Barros", $1,950

Jennifer Zettler, Biology
"Six-Legged Science: Determining the Ability of Students to Accurately Indentify Insects in Principles of Biology (BIOL 1107L) Laboratories", $1,871


Research & Scholarship Grants 2014-2015

Jennifer Broffit Bailey, Biology
"Characterization of Microbes Impacting Sea Turtle Emryos using Next Generation Sequencing", $2,000

Brandon Quillian, Chemistry
"Preparation of Bis (Mathimazoly) Acetate Ruthanium (11) Compounds for Anti-Cancer Screening", $1,738

Aaron Shrey, Biology
"Next-Generation Sequencing-Based Investigation of Fisheries Genetics for Wabash", $1,967

Elissa Zellinger, English
"Maine Women Writers Collection: Sarah Orne Jewett Collection", $2,000

Sarah Zingales, Chemistry
"Design and Synthesis of Chalcone Analogs as Anti-Cancer Therpeutics", $2,000

Melanie Link-Perez, Biology
"Investigating the Role of Hybridization in the Formation of the New Fern Species", $1,920

Scott Mateer, Biology
"Generation of Chimeric Yeast Enzymes to Study Enzyme Activity and Substrate Specificity", $2,000

Michele Guidone, Biology
"Assessing the Impacts of an Invasive Seaweed on Mud Snail Preproductive Success", $1,932

Debra Hagerty, Nursing
"Frontline Staff Perspectives, Leadership Styles and Turnover Intentions", $2,000

Mitch Weiland, Chemistry
"Using Perfringolysin-O Chimeras to Identify the TMH1 Region within Human Perforin", $1,950

Sarah Gray, Chemistry
"Determining Inorganic Carbon Variability in the Savannah River and Tributaries during the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project", $1,915

Heather Joesting, Biology
"Investigating the Effect of Competition on the Growth and Survival of the Coastal Sand Dune Shrub Sea Elder", $1,517

Chris Baker, English
"Othello and Sir Thomas More's Dialogue Concerning Heresies" , $2,000

Nicole Davis, Chemistry
"Preparation of Noxo 1B and Noxo 1y Expression Vectors", $1,360

Jennifer Wyse, Sociology
"History and Race: Empowering Sociological Imaginations", $954

Gary Gullet, Chemistry
"Novel Molecules Inspired by Enzymes for Promoting Chemistry with Stable Molecules like Carbon Dioxide", $1,994

Catherine MacGowan, Chemistry
"Soil Analysis of Providence Canyon", $1,735

Tom Murphy, Engineering
"Development of Contact Sensitive Gloves for Use in Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention Training", $750

Nandi Marshall, Health Sciences
"Implementation of the American College Health Association's National College Health Assessment at ASU", $2,000

Cliff Padgett, Chemistry
"Oygen-Iodine Halogen-Bonding Interactions via N-Oxyheterocycles and Organioiodine Compounds", $1,000