Past Recipients and Project Final Reports 

Research & Scholarships Grants 2012-2013 

Jennifer Brofft-Bailey., Biology 

Characterization of microbes inhabiting failed loggerhead turtle eggs on Jekyll Island

Barbra Bruno.,Criminal Justice, Social and Political Science

The American Disease: Assessing barriers to care and community supports for Somali refugee families with autistic children in Atlanta, Georgia

Chris Baker.,Languages, Literature & Philosophy

New Variorum edition of Shakespeare’s play Cymbeline

Austin W. Francis, Jr., Biology

Modeling the Hydrodynamic Function of the Hammerhead Shark Cephalofoil 

Brent D. Feske,Chemistry & Physics

 Green Chemistry: Making Drugs with Bugs

Sara Gremillion., Biology

Are all COG proteins necessary for fungal growth?

Karen Hollinger., Languages, Literature & Philosophy 

Biographical Films about Women 

Jay Hodgson., Biology 

Diatom Paleobiology of Georgia Barrier Islands 

Jean Neils-Strunjas., Communication Sciences & Disorders

A Telehealth program for Veterans with Mild Traumatic Brian Injury 

Sarah Plasphol., Health Sciences 

Relationship Between school-Located Influenza Vaccination Programs and Student Absenteeism 

Brandon Quillian., Chemistry and Physics

Screening Ru(II) Organometallic Complexes for Catalytic Oxidation of Alcohols

Mictch Weiland., Chemistry & Physics

Identification of Membrane Interacting Regions within Human Pore Forming Proteins

Julie Waner.,Languages, Literature, and Philosophy

Toward the Inclusive Curriculum: Teachers Learning about LGBT Young Adult Literature

Teaching & Learning Grants 2012-2013

Laurie Adams., Radiologic Sciences

Simulated patient care experience in radiation therapy to improve likelihood of success in clinical education courses

William Baird., Chemistry & Physics

Physics Students: Shaken, and then Stirred 

Geneva DeMars., Biology

Implementation of the LEAPS Program in AASU Introductory Biology Courses

Ella Howard., History

Enhancing Student Engagement through Digital History

Sabrina Hessingner., Mathematics

Meta-cognitive Enhancement of Cooperative Learning for Concepts of Calculus

Jeff Secrest., Chemistry & Physics

Report on CRIOS in the Classroom

Wendy Wolfe., Psychology 

Incorporating the DSM-5 in the Teaching of Abnormal Psychology