The need for professionals in the field of cyber forensics, cyber investigations, and cyber-based policy and law is ever present and ever growing. What was once primarily a concern of providing security to individual computers now stretches into the realm of providing security for protection of our nations infrastructures, protection of our homeland from sophisticated criminals and terrorists, protection of our children from on-line predators and pedophiles, and prevention of these groups from using the Internet and Internet technology to further their agenda. The problems associated with cyber security can no longer be confined to the computer rooms of large corporations, but instead have become an issue of the larger problem of Homeland Security.  Our education and training programs address cyber security from various perspectives to include security of corporations, critical infrastructure protection, and the on-line capabilities of criminal and terrorist organizations. The programs will not only look at the security vulnerabilities and threats from a corporate security viewpoint, but more so from the viewpoint of how criminal and terrorist organizations utilize these vulnerabilities to plan, fund, and communicate their crimes.


Mission statement

  • To advance the cyber security-related education and training of professionals working in cyber security, computer and technology-related fields.
  • To foster the development of candidates for recruitment and retention into the work force with specialized skills in cyber security.
  • To foster the development of technologies, tools and methodologies relevant to cyber security, computer forensics, and Internet-related investigations.
  • To form public/private alliances between academia, government, corporations and cutting edge technology firms, to create and provide a secure collaborative environment in which to share and transfer knowledge in order to make a significant positive impact on the future of cyber security.