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Making a Google Calendar Public

1.Add the calendar you wish to share.  

2. Give your new public calendar a name.
3. Check the boxes to “Share this calendar with others”, “Make this calendar public” and “Share the calendar with everyone in the organization Armstrong Atlantic State University” (this one will automatically grey out).

4. Select “See only free/busy (hide details)”. We will change this to “See all events” in the following steps.

5. Select “Create Calendar”.

6. Find the public calendar that was just created and then select its down arrow.
7. Select “Calendar setting” from the dropdown menu.

8. The “Calendar Details” tab has the embed code if you want to embed into a website.
9. This tab also has the “Calendar Address” for you to share with others. It is recommended to use the HTML Calendar Address. Click on the HTML button to view the URL for your public calendar.

10. A new window will appear with the HTML web address. Highlight and copy this address. Open a new tab or browser window, paste the link, and press “Enter” on your keyboard to load the calendar. Then add it to your favorites or bookmark it in your browser. You can also choose to open a Microsoft Word Document, paste the link and then save the document for later use. After you have saved the link successfully select “OK”.

11. Select the “Share this Calendar” tab.
12. Select the down arrow by “See only free/busy”. Change to “See all event details”.
13. Make sure to select “Save” at the bottom of the page.

14. A warning message will appear that your public calendar will be visible to the world and via Google search. Select “Yes” to finishing saving your public calendar.