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Web Conferencing with Blackboard Collaborate

What is Blackboard Collaborate?

Blackboard Collaborate is a virtual meeting space optimized for learning.  Whether you have two learners or two hundred, Blackboard Collaborate enables communication, collaboration and education that transforms teaching and learning. Through the use of classroom tools such as a virtual whiteboard, chat, webcam,  voice-over-IP, application sharing, etc. you can create an interactive learning experience that is constantly evolving. Blackboard Collaborate can open many possibilities for you to create virtual classrooms, an e-office, and meeting spaces to consistently engage your audience.

October 18, 2013 :: Mac and Windows users experiencing issues with Web Conferencing after recent Oracle Java updates.  It has been reported that recent Oracle Java update displays a security warning anytime a user attempts to launch or reenter a web conferencing session with Windows or Mac OS version 10.8.3 or lower that has Java 7 update 45 or Java 6 update 65 installed.  To learn more click here.

August 17, 2013 :: The Blackboard Collaborate Launcher is a utility that provides a convenient and reliable way for Mac OS X 10.8.4 and later users to join Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing sessions.  To learn more click here.

Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate:

What you need to know before you "Get Started" with Blackboard Collaborate.


  • Internet connection speed must be at least 56k or above. 
  • Wired connections work better than wireless connections (even if you have high-speed Internet cable/DSL). We recommend that a wired connections should be used for the best experience.
    Note:  We do not recommend the use of an aircard or mifi device when connecting to a Collaborate session due to the connectivity of the cell device.
  • Browsers must be Java and Javascript enabled.
  • Java version 1.5 or higher (32-bit only) is required to run Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Operating systems must have at least 256 MB of RAM.
  • Pentium III 1 GHz processor.
  • 20 MB free disk space.
  • Soundcard with microphone and headphones (A headset with microphone/headphones is highly recommended).
  • Webcam (optional).
  • View our Supported Browsers page for a list of required Operating Systems, Browsers, and Java.

Moderator/Participant Requirements:

To moderate (present) or attend a Blackboard Collaborate classroom session, one must have speakers or a headset to receive audio transmissions. A microphone and webcam are needed to transmit audio and video during a classroom session. Read More

Note: In a lab environment, all participants must use headsets.

Device Recommendations:

Device recommendations for personal use and for a conference setting please visit: Device Recommendations


Request a Collaborate Room
Tips for Using a Collaborate Session
Login to Collaborate
Audio Setup Wizard
Collaborate Moderator Interface
Collaborate Participant Interface
Create Archive in Collaborate
Web Tour in Collaborate
Creating Breakout Rooms
Things to Remember

Additional Resources

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