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Blackberry Basics


Special keys on the keyboard



Typing on the BlackBerry

Press the corresponding keys on the keyboard for letters. To capitalize a letter, hold the
key down until the letter is capitalized or press the shift key with the letter as done on a
computer keyboard. To enter a period, press the space key twice (or press the alt key and
then the ‘m’ key). To enter a number or an alternate character on the keyboard (which is
any character on the keyboard above the letter), press the alt key and then the
corresponding key. For a symbol not on the keyboard, press the symbol key for a menu
of available symbols.

Sending messages (Email, SMS)

Click “Messages” on the Home Screen. Press the menu key, and select “Compose
Email” or “Compose SMS.” In the “To” field, enter a phone number (for SMS) or an
email address (for an email). Alternatively, enter a contact name for someone already in
the address book (for SMS or email). Type the message, and then press the menu key.
Click “Send.”

Dialing alphanumeric telephone numbers

To dial a phone number with letters in it, press the alt key and then the letter. Repeat for
any letters in the telephone number. The BlackBerry will change all of the letters to the
appropriate digits automatically when placing the call.

Convenience keys

The BlackBerry has a Convenience Key on each side. These keys can be assigned to
open chosen applications (such as “Messages” or “Calendar”) without having to click on
the icons on the Home Screen:
Click “Options” on the Home Screen and select “Screen/Keyboard.” Scroll to
“Right Side Convenience Key Opens:” and click on the highlighted setting option.
A menu with all of the applications appears; select the desired application.
Repeat these steps for the “Left Side Convenience Key Opens:” option. Press the
menu button, and select “Save.” Press the menu button again, and select “Close”
to return to the Home Screen.

Syncing GroupWise contacts and calendar

Wirelessly, the Blackberry will automatically sync contacts entered in the GroupWise
Personal Address Book. Also, calendar entries entered on the BlackBerry will appear on
the GroupWise calendar (and vice versa).

Entering contacts

Click on Contacts or Address Book from the Home Screen, press the menu button, and
select “New Contact.” Enter the contact information, press the menu button, and select
“Save.” To enter a contact from the call log, press the menu key with the contact
highlighted, and select “Add to Contacts or Address Book.” Add any pertinent
information, press the menu button, and select “Save.”

Entering appointments

Click on Calendar on the Home Screen, press the menu button, and select “New.” After
entering the appropriate information, press the menu button, and select “Save.”

Rebooting the BlackBerry

If the BlackBerry stops performing normal functions (such as sending or receiving email),
then remove the battery for a few seconds. Reinstall the battery and allow the
BlackBerry to load its software. If the functions have not returned, contact the Help Desk
at 912.344.2518.

Lost and Stolen Devices

If the device is lost or stolen this must be reported to the CIS office at 344-2518 as soon
as possible after the loss of the device is noticed. If this takes place on a weekend, or
after normal business hours, please notify University Police at 344-3333. They will then
notify the appropriate personnel in the CIS Department.
Once CIS has been notified that a device is lost or stolen, we will send a special signal to
the device. This signal will block the device from use, rendering it useless, and the device
will be cleared of all information except that which is stored on its SD card. CIS will
then contact the appropriate vendor to stop service to the telephone.
If you subsequently find your device, you must call CIS at 344-2518 and let them know.
You will not be able to use your device until it has been re-instated. A time and date will
be set for this to take place.
CIS will contact you during normal business hours concerning having the device replaced.