Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah Georgia.

Information Technology Services

General Windows 7 Instructions

Log into Cove
Obtain Wifi Client by clicking on "Wifi Client"
Click "OK" to download "SecureW2_Faculty.exe"
Install the client
Restart your computer

Left-click the network manager icon on your taskbar
Select "properties"
Under the "Choose network authentication method", select "SecureW2 EAP-TTLS"
Click Settings
Select configure
Select the "Certificates" tab
Uncheck "Verify server Certificate"
Keep clicking "OK" until you return to the "AASU_FACULTY_WLAN" wireless network properties
Uncheck "Remember my credentials for this connection....."
Click "OK"
Select the Network manager icon and choose "AASU_FACULTY_WLAN"
Click Connect
Enter your Cove username and password in the SecureW2 credentials window
Click "OK"
(Some may need to enter credentials up to 3 times in a row before successfully authenticating)