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Information Technology Services

Classroom Technology: Common Issues

Symptoms & Solutions

1.  Symptom:  Nothing appears on the computer monitor.

  • Possible Solution 1:  Is the monitor on?  Are there any LED lights illuminated on the monitor?  If not, turn it on.  See Solution 2, below.
  • Possible Solution 2:  Is the computer on?  The button panel controls the projector, not the computer.   If the computer is on, it’s probably asleep.  Move the mouse or touch the space bar on the keyboard.  If the computer is off, turn it on.

2.  Symptom:  I can’t log in.

  • Possible Solution 1:  Do you have a faculty lab account?  Instructors must have a lab account to log into the machine.
    To obtain a faculty lab account or for a password reset, please contact IT Services at
  • Possible Solution 2:  Are you typing the full user name?  The username is in the format:  .<username>.guest.aasu
    Note the period in front of <username>. 
  • Possible Solution 3:  Are you typing in the correct password?  Remember passwords are case sensitive. 

 3. Symptom:  I can’t get to the menu screen of my DVD.  I can’t get to the special features on my DVD.  I can’t do “x” with my DVD.

  • Solution:  We recommend that DVD media be viewed through the PC by using the PCs built-in DVD player.  Use the VLC (VideoLan) media player to open the DVD. 

4. Symptom:  The VCR controls are not working on the button panel.  I can’t see the VCR output.

  • Solution:  Is the DVD/VCR player in VCR mode?  You may need to manually put the DVD/VCR into VCR mode by hitting the DVD/VCR button on the DVD/VCR (not on the button panel).  Once it is in VCR mode, you should see your VHS video output on the screen if the button panel is set to DVD/VCR. 

5. Symptom:  dialog box on my screen keeps popping up every few minutes and asking me if I want to do something or cancel.

  • Report the problem to the IT Services Helpdesk.

6. Symptom:  I can’t get my Mac to connect to the projector.

  • Do you have the right adapter?
  • Is the adapter connected securely to the computer?
  • Is the VGA cable connected securely to the adapter?

If you have questions or problems, please contact the HelpDesk at 344.2518 or email